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Right out to the roadways. Now, let's check in with Lori Grandi again in the Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three's alright, both travel answer Club closed off right now. Jeff on 1 40 northen in New Bedford. Right Bye, Hathaway Road. This is due to a small dump truck that rolled over in the medium. There's debris in the left hand lane, both traveling again. They are blocked on ly the breakdown lane is getting past again. That's 1 40 north bound by Hathaway Road. In New Bedford. Let's check out the upper end of 1 28 with Kristy Naked. My French roads. Copter worry. The upper is pretty good all morning. It still is. If you're heading down a glossary, Blackburn circles, uh, down for the Danvers Stretching. Things are moving Well here. Just get ready for that plane ship down around Endicott Street. That's the long term. Bridge replace that project over the Waters River. Now is overall. It's about half an hour from Gloucester down to 93 writing and beyond that, Yuri in pretty good shape down for the bass pipe down, lovely Western. Is, um, offer insurance Copter. Western is lovely. We do have a problem to watch out for. It's a disabled vehicle. Actually, a medical emergency 95 sap on in Georgetown at the exit ramp to 1 33. So keep that in mind. It's also tough coming off a canton on 95 the other end of the world, Buddy five North on approaching 93 there for about a mile. It's sluggish continues to be tough. Any other direction on the expressway? This is new. I mean, the south outside Has been backing up all week long ever since Labor Day, and it's doing that again. Expressway South on jammed Columbia Road to Savin Hill, The North onside slow and the same stretch their Savin Hill to Columbia Road. Wellesley, Route Nine. East Bank continues to be tough as well between 1 28 and Elliot's Street, a lever connector. That's the really toughest spot downtown right now, getting on to Storrow Drive, Laurie Grandi w Easy's traffic on the three we checked the four day W B Z AKI Weather forecast now and meteorologist in DeVore. All right. Brighton Skies, temperatures will be ending.

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