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So did you have a background in sculpting before our yeah i did have an our background okay hellenic since includes sculpture but blood or is more of a painter when i read from high school and not allowed to ever carve any other fruits are just pumpkin diju order belt watermelon fifa later this summer he says on the world jerk out over more interesting in the the colors of better right thumbing sandro veterans to afford value of grain arab would you could take a look at my watermelon those worlds ponca karim if you go to h mcmahon pumpkin eight mcmahon again it's okay with an s dot com amdro people conceive are waterboarded israel's were poker perry you don't have h mcmahon watermelons dot com spunk do you try to preserve your functions all yes you camps framework lemon juice but this so will deteriorate you could commitment extraju throughout of and then i'll show when they're not being use your refrigerator the berg refrigerator and they'll us lauber shovel the restaurants i work with do that have been known to go for week we can have oh yeah specially if you've got like a big restaurant freezer refrigerator situations where i am a sunroof rookies ugo walkin i was researching preservation techniques earlier and two things that i saw where vassal lean yup should put dress leaned on the barren areas i don't do that because it doesn't look good okay group grew own will make noted ac your your what an exemption scarier that you could do a bad leg out and i think i thought like a bleach spray like you i believe preservatives will probably wouldn't do that because of.

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