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Quickly earlier in the day the president tweeted Iran would be held fully responsible for the attacks by Iraqi demonstrators pope Francis is apologizing for a slap seen around the world correspondent Seth Doane is in Rome today's plans topic was world peace and just before mass pope Francis made a little peace offering of his own okay you I want to apologize for the bad example of yesterday he said one woman gave his hand pulling him over to her sternly responded slapping her hand to get free turns out even a can loses patience tens of thousands of holidaymakers race to evacuate popular seaside towns Australia's east coast fleeing ahead of advancing brushfires this is military ships and helicopters are planning missions to rescue thousands Australian prime minister Scott Morrison what is important as we work through those evacuations that people continue to remind patience and remind town into follow instructions to judge raise more than twenty four point seven million dollars the last quarter of twenty nineteen according to his campaign the fourth quarter fundraising total caps off a strong fundraising year for the now former south bend mayor who left office today and the best of my ability so help me god that's James mall or the new south bend Indiana mayor being sworn in today does his campaign says he raise more than seventy six million in twenty nineteen this is CBS news CBS news radio is your home for breaking news with our team of reporters around the country and the world we give you the coverage you can trust seven oh three the bay area's news station KCBS mostly cloudy skies tonight look for loans to drop into the forties and lower fifties good evening I'm damage and said here's what's happening Oakland police say they have made two arrests in connection with a homicide that occurred to new year's.

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