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Well, Thompson Robinson kept that way alive for a while. But that's sworn mobile defense finally got to intrigue Brown was the first man to get there. It'll be a loss of by Brendan Radley Hiles was in as well. And it'll be second out at fifteen as you mentioned there to Oklahoma defenders Ryan Jones and Radley house in the backfield right away. So DT are just wanted for his life wrestling, Oklahoma defense there to make a sack receivers left and right gonna fake to Alan back to throw Thompson Robinson swear governor back around the Kenneth Murray lead the charge they'll say first contact cable fourteen that's a loss of six at Dorian. Thompson Robinson had no shot. Now. This is just the defensive front of the front seven for Oklahoma just tacking in winning upfront. Right at the snap of the football Neville gallery. Took the center, and he just extended with his arms and through to the side. He was in the backfield. And then Kenneth worry came in to get the sack third exploiting one football at the fourteen yard line. Here's the shotgun. Snap a hand it off over running on the right side outside the has works out to about the nineteen yard line. Well, short of the first down that was bull run for me. It's a three and out again a five team coming out for UCLA step inflict off to kick. It away. Did not have a good kick is I I've just twenty six yards and CD lamb goes back to return. Mammal stand just outside is forty one top who averaged over forty three yards a kick last week, which is about where he was a year ago fifth in the Pac twelve gets the snap. They're coming after he gets this one away. It's line drive. Kick lamb backing up back around his own thirty one six. The white looking for some blockers gets one block needs. Another can't get it all the way up to the sideline to step.

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