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To Tampa, Kalamazoo and water Low Way you're on the air incident, everything we've seen everything. Good morning, everybody and welcome to the first day of the rest. Of your lives. The D a show emanates live is always from the CBS Sports Radio Studios in N Y. C and today is going to be full on football Can't wait. Last night, of course, Buccaneers and Cowboys, which we will have complete breakdown of as the morning rolls right along. We've also got college football on the docket. Josh Perry was a member of the 2014, Ohio State Buckeyes National Championship. And so he's going to join us a little bit later on in the program to talk about Ohio States and their chances at the college football playoff national championship aspirations as well. We'll also have long time sports television executive Ross Greenburg. He is the executive producer. Of a piece called Extra innings, which revolves around sports and the 20th anniversary of 9 11. And the events of 20 years ago. And how the sports world was affected and impacted. Ross is going to join us coming up in two hours from now. Football. Fridays also mean your tasty top five will do that coming up in 40 minutes from now, my favorite college football games of the weekend. Morales has his up The gut picks week number one plus his football food of the week. I'll drop dead, I will drop dead without those burritos. We also have a brand new segment to debut called the Week That was with Connor Green, who will also make his NFL picks with that coming up in our number four. And it'll be Connor versus more as in a duel to the death. Over the course of this NFL season. So that's all straight ahead this morning here on the program, and we come July from the rocket mortgage studios, whether you want to buy a home or refinance your current one rocket mortgage can help you get there for home loan solutions that fits your life. Rocket can, and it's also a target demo Friday, everybody I know, I know it seems weird, bizarre out of source for me to be on the air on a Friday. This is a new experience for you for the first time in a long time, but I'm here from here on out. You've got me on Fridays. No more summer Fridays now fall Fridays, which means we punch the clock and talk football. We begin of course last night. In Tampa Bay, where the Buccaneers held a pre game ceremony celebrating their Super Bowl championship, then got into it against the Cowboys. And you know what? I will absolutely raise my right hand and admit I was wrong. I thought that the Cowboys would lose by double digit points, and instead, Dallas had this as a game. There were multiple intervals in this game, where it certainly felt like the Buccaneers would pull away. And make it a two score to score advantage. It never happened. And then late in the game, Brady trailing by a 20.29 28, a buck 20 to play had to go in a game winning drive to set up the potential game winning field goal, which all of that transpired not before some home cooking. On behalf of the officials for Brady and the Buccaneers. But ultimately, Tampa Bay finds a way to win at the horn with the suck up field goal and they moved to one and Oh, but There is turnovers. There are mistakes. There is a close game and there is a Buccaneers defense that let Dak Prescott throw for 400 yards. You know, I scuffed and I laughed yesterday. At these preseason prognostications of undefeated for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I said, Come on, It's a 17 game schedule. They didn't even win their division last year. I know they finished strong, but we're already going to go to the point where this is perhaps the greatest football team ever assembled. Nobody's ever done 16 and no and won a Super Bowl. Now this team is going to go 17 Eno and finish the job. They got the victory. But do we have to pause? At least for the moment. Expectations of sheer dominance. It is where we begin your cold Open. Good staff. The spot. Here's the kick by Sucker. Is it good? It is. Box. Take the lead at 31 29 with two seconds left. How about them Buccaneers defending the Super Bowl championship and taking the lead with just two seconds.

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