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Meatballs what's the recipe but I find it on the internet it is on the internet in the ingredients are these two slices of whole wheat bread one half pound of lean ground sirloin two medium crushed garlic cloves eight fresh sage estates leaves chopped one teaspoon of dried half Cup frozen chopped onion two tablespoons of raisins one large egg salt freshly ground pepper teaspoon of all of world in World War three fourths Cup pasta sauce and four ounces spaghetti in a large saucepan bring water to boil for a Cup of cold water over the whole wheat bread place all of the other ingredients in a bowl of food processor and then squeeze the bread get all the water out of it I I take up the cross squeeze it put that in the food processor or store but the other ingredients and add salt and pepper once what you do this report for large meatballs and a a skillet he is skilled with the Old World from the meatball on all sides when you mix three quarter Cup of water which the US sauce add the sauce stir the simmering meatballs for ten minutes and turn terribly one time you get the cure because these things tend to break menu cook the spaghetti for packaging drain and put into by distributing two plates and top them with three bowls two weeks in a place in the sauce makes to servings obviously but it's it's wonderful and raisins replace it and sugar and the great whole wheat bread as what to it yeah I was gonna say the rest the type of slick I do kind of player the whole wheat bread would bring to a plus the raisins yeah sounds sounds pretty interesting it is interesting.

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