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Don't know I mean I took an extended period time for me because as you watched the show it's constantly reopening the wound and then after the show all about me becoming the bachelor kept that wound open and then every time someone would host on social media nights it would reopen the wound and then every time that they talk about the next bachelor coming up where I watched a little bit of the next season the Bachelorette and open back brings back to the same places and some of the same experiences Washington like a couple of half episodes. Yeah it's going to do it so I think. The the wound took a long time to fully close. And now it's more the show itself in all the craziness of it in aftermath of it. There's so many amazing things like I met you. Guys Vegas was one of the funniest weekends of my life. Was I remember that? That's what we found out. Actually actually Peter and I were at lunch with wells when he told us that he was dating. Sarah Hyland for the very first time. I remember that Peter Sarah Sarah had just had a surgery and they face time and they were the sweetest couple. Yeah I remember that I remember when they face time the car for the first time on our way to the art festival and then we had that. Then you feel like horrible fee her out with Wells Dean and Peter and I was like there are millions of girls around this country who would just pay so many thousands of dollars to spot right now for the first time and we're trying to go to a club and they wouldn't let us in so pretended to be wells' manager. Yeah Yeah you should you let him in here. I don't know if you WANNA get. We got into that club. Oh no no. You're right. We did it was Paris so good. Well Peter were getting here to really interesting. Part of this will experience in one to Ashen are both superintendent talking about You know kind of this ending the show Felt heavy then. You kinda disappeared In in a way that nobody really understands and I think that's one of the part that has intrigued. Everybody where to Peter Go. He was loved He. There was controversy surrounding him. Not Getting engaged Where did you go? Where have you been happened Or did I knew all just Kinda went went home. Tried to go back to normal life work like there was nothing normal about life from that point on during the summer. That was airing. I was at my parents house a lot. I didn't even go back so my house at time. tried to start work back up with my training business but all people want to do is talk about the show and get all the inside information about it and I open myself up to new clients in all of them would come in for one session which I always gave out one free sessions if not both and then they would never come back at that point so I was just kidding. Yeah so I I just became this entity to people and it drove me crazy so event is Kinda said screw it. I'm GONNA just keep hiring trainers to take care of everybody and I'm not going to do that. Myself and Yeah I don't I don't really know what he did that I worked out a lot. Just Kinda did my own thing eventually got to do some traveling from it. I went to New York for a couple of interviews Me You guys in Vegas. I went up to Canada a couple of times to meet some people do a couple of events. There wasn't really a whole lot of structure at metlife for a while after the show. It really changed. Everything around Bachelor nation was that they wanted you to be the bachelor but that you were asking too much holding out and that they didn't want to beg for you. They decided to go with Ari. Is there any truth to that? Okay yeah all right so they asked me to be the bachelor and I said no like a straight up now and a couple of weeks later. They called in made a little bit more formal. I against said no and then we were out in New York for Good Morning America after the After the final rose and they asked me there again I said no but that time starting to talk to a girl and You know had beyond for they asked you know again for a third time Flew me. I'll tell late to talk about it. Really like straight up and Toll night started talk so they said while you guys in a relationship and I said no like okay. Well would you be willing to exit out? Nice you're so then we really start talking about like the details of the show itself and how it was really hard for me. I couldn't say I would be to get in the gauge. When at the end it wasn't that a new for fact that I want to as more I promised I would. I didn't want to be forced to do it if I said. Yes to the show. And there's a lot of back and forth in this meeting we had and Money was never discussed until we got to the actual compensation and I said well I make considerably more than that already per year. Would I give up in my thoughts like the rest of my life? We known Peter the Bachelor and the longest Peter for the amount of money that isn't life changing and so money was discussed and we all It wouldn't make sense to you know patrimony because then you're no longer doing it for reasons so money was never actually like a a major factor. But they did think that there is a certain amount that would be paid. I guess that that would be fair. Committed my my income at the time I.

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