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Just want to be his friend and hang out with him all day. And. In retrospect, I'm like, oh, I see. But I remember I used to love that. You know, what it's so funny. I was just thinking about the other day. There's this movie called man of the house, that's really problematic. It's chevy. Chase is done than Taylor. Thomas is like stepdad or like his so, okay. So Johnny tow. Thomas lives like in Seattle or something with his mom who's played by Farah Fawcett, who's a fucking babe even even in her older days and his mother is a found object sculptor. So she just like walks around all day on the beach and finds objects, and then makes these like big like like assemblage like collages on the walls and stuff. And that was the first time like I was exposed to artists like that. So like really affected me. I liked the movie to watch those scenes like to see the mom, even though it was just like driftwood and shells and trash and shit. Like that got my wheels turning the other part of the movie Beetlejuice. The other the other part of the movie is faira faucets. Love interest is Chevy Chase. And he's like trying to win over the love of Jonathan Taylor Thomas character, and he wants to be done within Taylor. Thomas wants to be an Indian guide. Like citgo to to be part of this boy scouts troop. And it's like Indian like native American themes, so like Chevy Chase becomes like a counselor and just that he's and just to like go camping with him and then hilarity ensues in the woods. And they say a lot of fucked up things and trivialized. But I remember one part of the movie where they they're practicing all these white people are practicing, a rain dance to make it rain. And it's like, everybody dance. Do the rate. And it starts to rain. It's so stupid. It's so bad. But that was I wasn't getting feelings like that. But I just remember being I remember having dreams about being like in that movie. That's so fucking weird. But. I don't know there's different movies that have characters that you're like, oh my God. Like Brendon Frazier, and like Georgia the jungle you're like interesting, I really loved this movie or like there's that scene. I remember that scene in dude. Where's my car? Do you? Remember that scene where Ashton Kutcher makes that with the other guy. Just call that was like holy shit. So, you know, things like that just Just little little things. things. Yeah. I have a question. Did you say your movie have one? Okay. Didn't you say did I didn't? So you said you're leaving. When you first got a glimpse of something. It wasn't a movie, but it was like music like there was this singer Beto Cuevas from LA, and they had a sung-chol plus one plus six or some shit like that. And it was about a party where everybody's doing anything with everybody. And I remember hearing the lyrics and just be like, oh, I want to go to that party. In film. No, I don't remember. I mean, I think it was that stupid movie threesome that I was like, Ooh, I want to go to college. Biddle that said like not actually a movie, but I wanted to ask you because now you're so busy, right? You have your full time job. You don't have to talk about your full time job. You also trying to right what kind of responsibility. Now, you feel that you getting more attention with the podcasts of always watching stuff because that's kind of it's in a way. I feel like I mean, you can tell me, but the you feel like it's a job now as opposed to just like you having fun watching stuff. Sometimes it's it's I wish I could just like I'm still into area. Still wanna watch this gay representation. I wanna watch these things I still want to but having to lake actively seek out variety of things because I don't want to do the same thing every time. I don't want it to be white characters every time or whatever it is. That's where I kind of have trouble sometimes on. And that's when it starts to feel like a job because I'm just like, I'm not particularly interested in watching this thing right now. I'm eventually going to watch it. Yeah. But i'm..

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