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Well, four an exploratory bid. And you're wondering who you know, Howard Scholtz Howard Schultz is the super lefty CEO, former CEO of Starbucks and he went on sixty minutes last night. He said he's thinking about running. He probably is going to run if he runs he's going to run an independent bid for the presidency. He will largely self fund. He's a multibillionaire and the left is apoplectic about it. I do have to say it is a measure of the partisanship in the media is how they're treating the Howard Schultz bid. Normally the media run stories about how great it is. There's more participation more women, they're more. They're more millennials are more people running for. Presents a wonderful democracy and strong. Now this guy comes in and he wants to sell fund in Ron booth. Our boo you're going to get Donald Trump reelected. I mean, the media is tree this complete meltdown by members of the media. Not just not just partisans not just partisan pundits. But some reporters are clearly showing their partisan stripes by how opposed they are to the idea of Howard Schultz running because it's not about more democracy. It's not about participation democracy. It's all about stopping Donald Trump. And that that's aggravating to me. Now, you should know. I did the research today I do expect to be voting for the president in twenty twenty. I mean, he's not my favorite y'all know what I think about him. But the Democrats are clearly moving more and more hard left more more vindictive against people faith, and anyone that doesn't support the progressive agenda. I tried third party in two thousand sixteen it didn't work out. It just makes me more aggravated that that I supported that guy. Som- probably gonna go with the president in twenty twenty. I've had a number of candidates who have come down to Macon and met with me to pick my brain or a minimum at the airport in Atlanta. The got a great conference facility there and just had a great chat with them about running. And I've told them all I think it would support the president. But their critiques of the president. And why they think the running are interesting something the White House needs to consider something. Everybody should consider it a lot of it is about the president. Basically they. I think that the the president's administration serves reelection, but not the president himself that ultimately, but a mind damn Glock Lynn boiled, it down to that from based on what he read I wrote you can read it at the resurgent dot com, but the Howard Schultz bit is interesting because the left immediately presumes it's going to hurt a democrat because Howard Schultz is going to run on fiscal responsibility. He's gotta run on the deficit and otherwise to run a socially progressive. He's for gay marriage. He's four transgenderism he's for gun control. He's for making the Christian bigots bake, the cakes. He's for liberals on the supreme court is for all the stuff the left wants, but Scholtz wants to run saying pox on both your houses. The Democrats are fundamentally broke it in the Republicans are fundamentally broken Schultz has said and is now saying repeatedly the thinks both parties have led America stray he thinks both parties have been bad for business and bad for the Konami alternately and bad for our future. And you know. There is a legit. Critique there the Republicans for the longest time were perceived as the ones who are good for business. Good for the economy and good for spending good on the national debt, and the Republicans are spending as much as the Democrats have wanted to spend. They're not doing anything to control the debt or the deficit. They are they've lowered taxes so purportedly. They're good for business, but the long-term debt burden winds up impacting businesses and bond rates in the like, the president's tariffs with China are impacting the economy. The Chinese economy is slowing down pretty significantly, a worldwide recession is imminent. I can't tell you. Now, the number of of business people and elected officials who have been receiving the private economic briefings from the fed and elsewhere and from private analysts, all of whom are starting use the r word recession, and I think there's something to that. So Scholtz's running essentially as Donald Trump is bad. Bad in his mishandling, the economy and spending. But Democrats are no better on those issues, and the Democrats were livid left wing activist groups are declaring boycotts of Starbucks. No..

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