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For Matt polio. Brewers weekly on a Thursday nights on the day. The brewers played a pair of games in Arizona. There was a two day as the brewers put their squad say fell to the giant sixty two and they defeated the Cincinnati Reds by a score of ten to eight that was the day for the brewers. We'll get into some of the details of those games of interesting nugget, some really nice things to see you start to get some of the more regulars involved here as we flip the calendar. The month of March coming up in our next segment bread sooner is going to join us. I always feared, but he's still finding a way to affect things inside the clubhouse in Maryvale. We'll get the latest from the suitor. Always a great guy. He'll join us coming up tonight at eight fifteen it really the biggest news the world of baseball today, the complex side or agreed to by Bryce Harper. Bryce Harper going to the Phillies thirteen years three hundred thirty million dollars. Just let that sink it for a second. This is all guaranteed money. Thirteen years three hundred thirty million dollars. This is just a couple of weeks after Manny Machado is three hundred billion dollar deal. Again, it's baseball. So all of the money is guaranteed. This is not a football situation where Aaron Rodgers ninety eight point two million dollars and Matt Ryan's one hundred billion dollars in Matt Stafford's a little over ninety six million dollars. That's all guaranteed. They don't even get close to where Bryce Harper. Manny Machado are. That's the world of baseball. So that was the big news Bryce Harper is going to stick around the National League. And he will be a member of the Philadelphia Phillies a young team that last year was in the hunt. They made some big pitching moves a year ago. They signed Jake Arrieta. They've got an ace at Aaron Nola. They've got some young players and that's team to watch your. I think the National League this coming season Bryce Harper certainly some star appeal to that whole deal as for the brewers today. Got to see a little bit of Lorenzo Cain. He recorded a hit in his only at bat in the cactus league. So far this season. Mike was dacas hit a home run to right center as he's getting some time at second base was Dhaka's of the regulars has played a little bit more than most Travis Shaw. Saw some time today we have not yet seen Ryan Braun Christian yelich bad as well. But today, I thought was interesting with regard to pitching. So you hear that the brewers win tend to eight in your first thought is well, somebody got roughed up. Well, guess that was the case it did happen today. But it's always important to figure out who it was what happened will that picture will that guy beyond the roster come opening day. And I think you'd have a different feeling about it. If it was branded Woodruff giving up six runs in two innings versus the guy, you know, is going to start the season at AAA or AA. So would have had to start against the reds pitting inning had three walks but did not allow a hit. So he was able to get out of the bases loaded jam. It has only inning of work. Freddie. Peralta against the giants. Also had a scoreless inning of work now to pitchers got roughed up in the bulk of the damage was done against two pitchers Burch Smith. You may not have heard of him twenty eight years old only a couple of years experience in the major leagues. He got roughed up today. I don't know that birth Smith isn't the plans for Craig counsel. But he allowed four earned runs and on the other side Zac Brown who I do think you'll see in a brewers uniform sometime this season. Four runs scored while he was on the hill. But only one of those was earned so offensively he's with a three run bases. Clearing. Double aircrafts. Also had a two run home run in one of the games today. So it's always a mixed bag nuts with cactus league action. And it was a split squad for the brewers today. Calendar turns to March and it continues tomorrow for the Milwaukee Brewers coming up next. He is not pitching. We've got a timetable to return some point after the all star break, but he has certainly affecting things in the clubhouse in Maryvale. We'll talk a brewers pitcher Brent Suter after this. Let's get started on brewers weekly. Aren't you patio door?.

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