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In the book is leading tones reflections on music musicians and the music industry we were talking about your mom the cellist and john williams did she play the cello on the theme to jaws that scared the world she did and often when john does that section of draws for audiences live he turns the audience in tells the story that's the first cellist was my mother eleanor hour often i'm in attendance at these concerts i've had him in detroit and other places but he ruined naughty tells the story but it's cool when i'm there because he will say leonard's mother has been scaring people ever since she did that film and from the audience my voice rings out john she was scaring people a long time before that yet that's something though isn't it john williams is a man you admire very mdot only do i admire him i i'd love him dearly we've been friends for just such a long time every john is exactly as he appears he's mildmannered he's a gentle soul he is extremely well read and continues at a think eighty four 85 now to do his routine he gets up in the morning goes to his studio composes for eight hours a day goes home so he still working very closely with steven spielberg the new star wars film is coming out and there he is probably the most influential composer of the last twenty five thirty years yes but i mean barn we're not talking about isolating a category but everybody knows john and his amazing around the world we were in china with my orchestra from detroit and we would often have a john widows pieces of oncourt they all know this every that he knows it and remember when he replaced arthur fiedler pibor sang europlace fiedler with this coup who's this guy though the epa people didn't know that he was at accomplished conduct after they thought he only did the films while he goes there he completely energizes the boston pops which was suffering a change the format of debt brought a whole new set of ethics into it had his battles with the boston pops really did and ultimately though the he's the consummate musician he just he knows at all he's been there he seen it people may not remember.

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