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Is michael b jordan as the son of apollo creed and he's fighting ivan drago junior ak i don't know if like you're into the rocky verse that's the guy who killed his dad okay and also did you forget tessa thompsons here tessa thompson is intimately involved and are we sleep is possible that were sleeping on tessa thompson because she was in let let's recap this okay thor ragnarok she's awesome as an isolation she's awesome movie she's in sorry to bother you she's all always in your white people she's a westworld by the way as she's gonna be in creed to and not like a own just like the web link girlfriend i'm here make you feel good about being a big old boxer no like she's actually going to be a big part of that movie i just don't i think as a culture as a society we're not talking enough about how incredible tessa thompson is well do you think the reason that it's not coming out is because right now so that's your sologne has to be promoting escape plan to colon haiti's i see that you're trying to like rain on my parade about this movie and i'm just not going to let you do it i'm just not going to entertain this i'm not going to let you ruin this for me this is michael jordan this is michael jordan primarily shirtless in this movie which i felt like you would be a big fan of giving look i want cre to all day long and i have to after work through my full vessels to loan to get to enjoy it this is michael jordan and you as a person who whenever she talks about michael jordan and hr representative from the pockets media group has to be in the room to control your language view of all of us should be enthusiastic about the i did think about those dots on his skin from panther a lot about a milan all right what's your life for this week okay semi green light since i dumped all over you've got mail i do want to recommend and i did that too by the way because the best romantic comedy of all time is while you were sleeping so but i wanna recommend a current romantic comedy we did an episode way back in the day where we talked about the state of affairs of romantic comedies we should revisit that topic 'cause you know they appeared because we had we went now we only have comic book movies we have movies that are roll roll dark we have horror films year round or we have movies that are romantic but they're super profane right so there's no middle ground have classically fun romantic comedy and we have it it's on it's on that flakes it's called set it up it stars zoe deutsche and glimp how glimp how who i remember you from hidden figures plan glenn the guy that went up in space listen you boy i suffered through scream queens clinton powell and i was riding that train that is awesome so so good so they are in it it's superfund they play to assistants who are underpaid and overworked and they decide that if they can get their two bosses to fall in love then that will make their jobs easier and so their bosses are played by lucy liu and takes and let me tell you about this all four of these people are are throwing ninety miles an hour with dialogue that is per thatch shed guys and don't come at me with a christmas prince and telling me that this is your summer christmas prince because the don't come back with me that this is a quality film with quality script this is so good the dialogue is so good premises so good and let me tell you what at the end no one has manipulated emotionally anybody to fall in love with them from moving and you've got mail it's like so it's byu one of the best things aaron the edge made an i like vox debt length about the soem because of the way that they progress the plot it was oh interesting makes beautiful cameo in it it's so good it's so good migraine light is the book florida by lauren groff this was sent to.

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