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The Indianapolis Colts and other things for our sister station. Ten seventy the fan, Kevin Bollin joins us k b. What happened and Saturday what the hell happened if I could quote, Hillary Clinton and her book title what happened? It was probably the worst offense of performance of the season. Honestly, I know some people I'd be like, well, it doesn't make it shut out in a game. Jacksonville jacksonville. At least I think as a much better defense than Kansas City. This is one of the poorest defenses in the NFL. So she from a run defense standpoint. And I was just frankly stunned by the offense of performance, especially in the office of wine that's been such a strength of this team especially late in the season. And was this starting five and tax. That's your best starting by. And I just saw that side of the ball. Let you down. I expected the defense. He give up about thirty one points. But I did not expect the offense to play. Of course, they did on the most frustrating thing for me was the fact I didn't really see nobody in offense could get open. It didn't seem like there was any separation whatsoever out there Saturday afternoon that was the most frustrating part to me what about you. Yeah. I'm the stick with the run game. Just because Kansas City was the thirty first right? Rush defense in the NFL and Marlin Matt had nine yards on five carries in the first half. And I thought that was the biggest advantage you had over the trust me. I agree with you what passing the football. No one to get open down the field. But I would say the biggest concern or the biggest surprise again was the lack of a run game. There were times in the first half. Like you mentioned where you know, Andrew luck. I thought had time to throw but no one got open down the field. And that will certainly be an off season key, in my opinion. I power upgrade. Kevin Bowen covering the colts for ten seventy the fan. Joining us here. Look I've had a little time to decompress and sober up since that game on Saturday, Kevin. And ultimately, the culture a sixth seed, they went into the house of a one seed who had a bye and had the MVP. There's certainly no shame in a losing that type of game. So let's look at the off season here. What are the colts have to do in the off season to make sure they're not a sixth seed playing in the house of a one seed next year? Yeah. Without a doubt Amer you're exactly right. The season is unquestioned success. But but to take that next step on the mountain Frank Reich loves to talk about I would say start there on offense and upgrading the playmaking. Especially at the Seaver position is going to be thirty years old next year. So you're not getting any younger with your best play with your best quite makers. I think you gotta get maybe a little beggar at the receiver position as well. And then if you look on the defense, I would say the pass rush definitely needs a little bit more just individual talent. I thought at times this year when you get after the quarterback, it was mostly schematic and just guys kind of slow developing via stunts and things like that. You don't have that dominant pass rusher. Well, we saw several dominant pass rushers for Kansas City on Saturday afternoon. So I why receiver pass rushing and then just overall death. You know, I thought the cooker injury was a huge deal on Saturday. And it's just difficult for this team to withstand injuries. I'm with you. You know, a seed played a one c like I didn't expect to win the game. But I expect them to be a little bit more competitive. And I think just some of the injuries jacked oil me cooker, those guys that you just don't have the depth to withstand when you're going on the road. And you're one of the final eight teams in the playoffs. Kevin you bring up the need for a wide receiver and an edge rusher. A pass rusher. The culture gonna have a lot of money in free agency. Are there any names out there not named Antonio Brown, and a trade or maybe on Belle any other names out there that the colts could take a look at and maybe spend some money on? Well, I would say a pass rusher. Probably not in the, you know, high level department a guy that's eight nine ten a year passes. You just don't hit the open market anymore teams value that more than anything? So don't likelihood I mean, there are some names out there, DeMarcus Lawrence and Dallas. But I just cannot see any of those elite pass rushers getting into the open market. The good news. There is supposed to be a very deep defensive line draft class. And you know, he can you find a guy late in the first round earlier in the second round with that jets pick that you have you know, maybe you can help help out the pass rush there as far as white out. Golden Tate is available man. I know he's a little bit on the older ad. But I still think you've got several more years left. Mean he's got the biggest body. But I think he plays a little bit bigger than you know, his roster size. If you will and it has won a Super Bowl in Seattle. So he might be a name. But again, I I kind of lean more towards the draft capital, which I know is weird because you have one hundred and fourteen million enter you're gonna have to spend it somewhere. But there's no obvious names that are, you know, stare me right in the eyes at pass rusher or wideout Timbo uncovers the colts four ten seventy the fan. Finally, before we let you go Kaby the old man Vinnie. Adam Viteri kind of surprised me yesterday. Did not have a good game. Missed an extra point Mr. field goal. At one point colts would have been only down by seven had been hit the field goal in the extra point. Are we going to see him again next year? There's no way he's gonna he's gonna walk off after the game. He had this year is he? Yeah. I kept calling it quits after that. I guess the question is will that be in Indianapolis or will be somewhere around, you know? He a free agent at the age of forty six. I know Chris Ballard love, Terry. And that's your Chris Bauer. Just spoke to the media hours ago. Instead, he believes out budgetary can still be a very good kicker in the NFL, but he would go as far to say as a definite resigned. And I just don't I actually agree with kind of some people that say, all right? Let's pump the brakes just a little bit. I don't think it was a big of a slam dunk. You know break the backboard that the resigning should've been in previous years. He was eighteenth in the NFL this year. Field goal accuracy. And I know some injuries played into it. But you can't ignore injuries for forty six year old guy. Right. Oh. I don't think it's as big of a slam dunk as it has been in years past. I think you just at least need to have the conversation. Like, okay. Do you wanna go younger is their guy in the draft? You like, you know, whatever that that thought process. I probably bring him back because I still think if he's healthy, they can be a very good kicker for you. But there is some questions that I think need to be answered before that's a done deal putting pen to paper. What scares me Kevin is what happened to the Chicago Bears because Robbie gold kinda had a rough into his tenure in Chicago. And they cut mate with Robbie gold and ever since. Then they've been a mess of the kicker position, including what happened with Cody parkey, and I get Benny had a rough go at it there at the end. But I kind of get that Robbie gold feeling that if you cut him now, the guy's you bring in man, be careful what you've got go. You know what I'm saying? No, I trust me. I totally hear you out. I mean, there are kicker nightmare stories colts have not had to go through. Well, I guess the colts. There with my project. But you know, what I mean, the culture very steady at the kicker position for about the past twenty years, and really I don't think you know, what else in the NFL outside. Maybe New England can say the same thing. So be careful what you wish for. I think it's something that will be on the minds of Chris Ballard. And that's why I say you better be dead on with Free Asia edition of a kicker or drafting, the kicker, whatever you decide to do if you move on you, you better make sure that that guy has some you know, what is vain because if not then there will be questioned about why you let out of military walk last question, thirty seconds or less here. Again, we got Kevin Bowen from ten seventy the fan joining us anyway Antonio Brown or Levy on the Steelers make their way to the colts next year. I can't see it. No, I play making easy upgraded. But I don't think it'd be expensive those types of contracts and those types of personalities in the colts Walker. I'm Chris Ballard does not mess around with that stuff in terms of personality. And I think that's all whole lot of diva give those guys the sort of contracts that you'd be giving a bell or absorbing with Brown to send a message to a locker room that I know Chris Ballard loves the culture. That's currently in there right now on Twitter at K Bowen, ten seventy if you've got any colts questions hit him up on that at Cabo in ten seventy k b we appreciate the conversation. And we'll start talking to Pacers with you when we get you on the big show here. I love it. Thanks, guys. All right coming up next big somebody is going to get paid for doing something racist allegedly that seems a little odd. We've got the story next. Hey, join me. Chad Benson tonight. The shutdown is still going on how long will it last? Will they even? Come close to getting a deal done. We'll discuss info tonight at seven and today. My new dad threw a barbecue today. My new son, and I threw a barbecue. There were burgers and chicken. I burned everything the burgers chicken. The salad. They were delicious. They were awful. And then and then we had watermelon. I'm allergic to watermelon. And then we played catch. I broke Mr. Lewis' window, MRs way comes window..

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