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I play Colin. I bring the labs, but the rest you guys see for yourself at the show, her way, twenty-third Leeman college. Yo-yo-you? Oh, welcome guys. To yet. Another episode of horrible decision. Did you grow Mandy aka that bitch, aka full court, aka the booty bandit, gigli puff everything. That y'all wanna call me, we the unfortunately is dealing with an illness in her family and is currently in Florida. So I need all of you guys to send your purse to her with what she's dealing with her family. But I have a wonderful guest co host with me today, and you guys may know her I am sitting next to Sierra from the over Roche. Oh. Thank you for having me course, I'm super excited. I was just saying before before we started recording that me and Sierra would out we did a movie together. Then we went ahead Dwight, then we went ahead, lots the shea lobster. And I think it was like lobster shrimp the whole night. And then this bitch was making me by bottles of wine. Then. It was all day. No. It was a real big. Then at the end of the day, we done did movies dinner bought bottled. And then was like, we don't wanna leave each other. Yet you want to go. During dry drink turned into thick, and we ate and ate. But the next day. No. But I was just I was just talking to the room saying like this is how I wanna feel when I go on a day as you guys know like I wanna boyfriend like someone the fucking bed. Why they're toxic. Already already. The tax. Well, as you guys here, we have other people joining us in the room today. I am super excited. We have some of the actors on an upcoming play coming to New York City called the checklist. Do you guys want to go ahead and introduce yourself to our listeners? My name is Tyler Burgos, AK breeze. Marie and real quick Burgos you related to Bernice, not, no, okay. Okay. And I play Gloria on the place that I'm actually Jessica, which is the main character Tahiri her best friend. Okay. And what about you? We actually have gentlemen in the room now before before we get started. We'll let you know. A lot of our straight men. You're straight, right or you. My half the hatch. A lot of our listeners are like oh my God. You guys have such toxic straight men on the show often. So I'm really hoping you do our straight heterosex- some Justice today. So let let our listeners know who you are..

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