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Have you ever seen something you couldn't explain? There are tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people that report these experiences at believe they're having interactions or abductions with aliens. Simply that defies logic. Scientists haven't found any evidence of extra tracks your intelligence and yet the mythology is that we have them and they're coming in. They're here and they've been here and they're here all the time one night in nineteen sixty one on the side of a dark highway betty and Barney Hill caught lights in the sky. I don't believe it two years later. They underwent hypnosis to try and recall what happened. There story became internationally known. Some took it as fact others thought it was a fantasy but what really happened. That's timber night in world in Hampshire. Join me toby ball for the inaugural season of stranger rivals a CO production of iheartradio and grim mild from Aaron McKie strange arrivals debuts March thirty first listen on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts not doing my research on you. I read an interview that you said for a long time. You were super insecure about the way that you looked and sort of your body and you'll look in the mirror and like not thank you with thin enough and I'm wondering I mean. Was that influenced at all by your time being a professional cheerleader. I think it was just my entire life being a dancer. You know. When you're in the dance world everyone is like it's like this pressure to be thin and be skinny and I grew up in a very healthy household. Always like eating healthy and my parents worked out. My Dad was a boxer and a wrestler. So I'm always like this healthy fit lifestyle but I think the older I got. There's more pressure again with Social Media. And you have to look a certain way. Be a certain way. Act A certain way. It's just exhausting. I'm finally now at a point where it's like. Screw it you know. This is who I am I am and I can't. You can't deprive yourself. You can't put that pressure on yourself because it's not sustainable socially in the W we don't have an offseason so it's like like okay. We're going to work really hard for a few months and then we can take it easy. It's like no. We're on the grind every single week at into weeks a year crazy so it's impossible to be healthy and fit the entire like you can't just can we dieting all year round and now it's not healthy. How do you stay healthy.

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