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The maggots the evil version of Adam Warlock. But by the end of Infinity wore number one, we have doom and carrying and they're teaming up to get power. That's wonderful. Thanos rolling up to the Infinity watch for help all the heroes. They're just gathering together and it's the makings of a really good time. You know what I like about the villains teaming up is that you know they're all in it for themselves. It's kind of like a bed, comedy, improv team, where everyone's trying to get on some show, everyone's trying to make their own career and they don't really care about helping their teammates. So they have to work together until they don't have to work together anymore. Issue also has amazing gate fold covers. I know Jimmy, you're reading it in marvel limited and you're looking through my collected edition and so we reprint them. So you see the covers across two pages, but it was actually three full pages where the covers it was the front, the back and then an interior flu. So you have these beautiful gate fold cover. Number one is this lovely art of all the heroes gathered number two. It's a big hero versus hero brawl. Each one is just so big and bombastic. Then we got this. We're getting into things. Now, number two is like lots of track being laid down so important for this big event. There's so many things. That they have to do just providing like vomiting out details and information. And next step you could tell it. The first issue was a lot of scene setting and a lot of something's up. Something's differ that like that first five minutes, and they tell you to write in every screenplay like this is the point where things have to change. Something is weird right off the bat and sit than issue to really says things in motion. And yeah, I definitely felt the ball starting to get rolling characters, going places, Infos being laid out. We also get origin info on who and what the magazine and how he came to be once again, because he was gone. There's a lot here issue three, though we getting into that and that mirrors Infinity gauntlet with issue, three of fitting garland, the heroes gathering here. Same thing heroes gathering. They're taking their force. They're going to go after Thanos where they think in war is the big villain, but the magazines, the one playing them all and he blows up. Gladys's ship those more d'appel ganger another group of heroes. It's tremendous. You need those big spreads because it's so many characters fighting each other. And then there are doubles of those characters and, oh, what a mess, what a big old cosmic mess. What are the Warlock issues that we see that connects to this? One of the tie-ins has Gamarra's fighting and then joking afterwards, how good Amora is. It's such an interesting dynamic based on like the way we think about 'camorra and Thanos. Now in the comics now with like multimedia here, it's there's a, it's almost sweet. Yeah, it's and there's one panel words just Comoro and Thanos in like going through their fight, and it's just great damore looking bad ass shot. This one Gamarra's just putting like a super like Volkan pinch on a part of fans is neck. She goes right for a nerve, right? Yeah. And so he's, she's like. I got a nerve hold and he stuck their dead. Like are you sure? And that is like a glint Donald says, is like, Gotcha joking, my little girl. They're all like, super sweet. Like, Aww, shucks it's great. Nothing like we know now I love it. What I was reading the fourth issue anymore. We get to back to back double page splashes of these big moments, big battles. And it reminds me a little bit of the big splashes infamy Boers number one where we have the big park seen Mike Deodato doing such tremendous work there. It's so good, but throughout the story we have doom and can teaming up, and that is one of my favorite parts of this is the two of them secretly conspiring against each other. They're like saying one thing and then thinking like, and then I'm gonna stab, stupid face. It Superfund like this partnership is just so not gonna. Last one's going to order coffee one's gonna order t and they're just going to get into an argument and blow up the universe. Yes. Unfortunately, we don't get to see them go that far yet we see issue.

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