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Phoenix police are looking for a man to try to kidnap a young girl walking to school near nineteenth avenue and union hills drive the suspect grabs her right arm and pulled it behind her back and places other are over over face. The suspect began to speak to her Phoenix police sergeant Tommy Thompson says witness knocked the man to the ground and pulled out a gun. The girl was unharmed, but the van took off in this incident that happened last week police are canvassing the area. But if you have any information, please call police KTAR is on Gration border arrest are expected to top one hundred thousand in the month of March homeland security secretary Kerry's to Nielsen step down yesterday. Former DHS undersecretary John Cohen tells their Zona morning news. The border is much worse now than than it was when President Trump took office, and he'd like to see the military have a larger role. We could be. Using troops to help transport. These people help processes people figure out ways that we can house these people temporarily while their claims are initially Assaf border arrest are expected to top again, one hundred thousand in the month of March with families seeking asylum making up the bulk of that number at decay. T A R dot com slash immigration for our expanded coverage of Arizona's immigration crisis. Developing details after worries about an active shooter in downtown Salt Lake City this morning. Here's what we know. So far it appears shots fired at a hotel in downtown Salt Lake City police tell us a gunman fired multiple times. No indication anybody was hit. Then there was a short chase. Chase came to an end the gunman crashing into an all-terrain shop. We're told the threat is now over that's ABC's. Alec stone. A Maine woman has been arrested for threatening that states senior US Senator Suzanne mascara was charged with mailing a threatening letter to Senator Susan Collins the letter sent last. October was leaking a fine white powder. The Skara faces up to ten years in prison. The letter was sent at the senator's home in Bangor and was received by your husband police, if the time said the Senator had claimed the letter was tainted with rice in but tests confirmed there was nothing toxic. That's ABC's. Aaron Katersky now time for check on traffic..

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