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Touchdown on a big boat oneyard touchdown drive but then two big john johnson three or four tackles on the way down the fiveyardline and then think one barkley just broke outside on the inside run jumps defender does a somersault in the end zone as he always does and now we have thirty eight rushing touchdowns on the intensity of thirteen and they are going to review display uh it's even count but as about thirteen percent and thicke the free thirty eight left at the first by thank you very much john is frank kerr so it's been a good day for say kwan barclays has been quiet in recent weeks but not too nate let's edberg less seen in south ben notredame and navy less right now here rich it still three three navy ford on fourth down and about uh poor yard set feet thirty four yard line of notre dame and as we speak uh that play uh is going to work they just got across the nine yard line a couple of miss tackles chris think had missed a plum t must it and that's what's up this whole thing up and if gave the chipman the ball at about the forty line of notre dame in that uh as the ah midshipmen right now with a chance to take their first lead of the day a year ago navy beat notre dame by one point in jacksonville florida and uh over the last maybe ten years they've come up with a few victories after they'd gone uh pretty much back to the roger staubach era since they had beaten at notre dame the irish show field goal from adjust immune and omar white house a thirty nine yard or fog the midshipmen who right now are in scoring raised there at the twenty th uh all the notre dame with three 25 to go first half the rains are coming down the wind is whipping us and the weather here is just plain well at scoops whether the elements taking over and a good one so far between the fighting irish and and the midshipmen tied at three on just about three minutes left in the first half joining us right now from cbs sports dot com as barton simmons we take a closer look at the coaching carousel wide rich ackerman how are you what's up rhythm good are we don't do and just great thanks for being a part of the.

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