Pope, Donald Trump, Google discussed on Commonwealth Club


And use our engagement as we know is generated not necessarily by true content but ferry often by fake content and the i put it like this fake news and extreme views and these are the things that we are incentivize by the algorithms to consume because these are the things that we are engaged by the pope endorses donald trump was a great story it got enormous amount of user engagement in 2016 it just happened to be untrue so i am i not i what you see on provoking you but i do think there are we have a paradoxical situation where trump they're all companies no google is one of them and you work for them that know more about the citizens of this country than the government maybe that's a good thing but i think no more about them than the citizens themselves that's a very new state of affairs that old line with great par comes great responsibility seems to me appropriate here i think the united states is still walking towards a more polarized future because we haven't really come to terms with the extent of the pa that your company and facebook has accumulated and i don't even think you meant to i don't even think about meant to do this first said it's happened first back that is to say you when we talk about tech companies have too much power one tends to think of a william randolph hearst starting the spanishamerican war do you really think mark zuckerberg and larry page and all the rest of them thought pepi the fraud the 2016 election let's go i told number one i think there are many good things inside this like the con academy that can help educate people and help them encounter a healthier environment i dispute the academy is a good thing and wikipedia too for that matter but here's the thing william randolph hearst never had a bigger share of the news market in the united states as mark zuckerberg dust today forty five percent of americans get their news from facebook never got close to that share now nobody satin facebook say how can we help trump except the.

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