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In a briefing earlier today, Chief clinical Officer Dr Marjorie Vessel with better health as that there's still securing staffing for the hospital to manage the rise in cases today, we have hired more than 2000 contract ID workers to support us during the surge, and we're still recruiting for 339 more. She adds that staffing the hospital will be the factor in their ability to expand the hospital's capacity. This will also says that banners out of space in the morgues. They're now using refrigerated trucks to store bodies as hospitals around the state near capacity due to the pandemic. If we passed it today, Treasury could actually start processing money out the door in a couple weeks is Congress continues to negotiate a stimulus package. One Arizona Republican explains What's in it, representative David Schweiger tells the mic Broom had his show. The expected stimulus package could include I'm picking up that For unemployment. There'll be a spiff of maybe a federal added maybe 300 bucks a week along with the right payments to people. Additionally, the release of the P P p money, you know the payroll protection money that was there to help small businesses. Congress is expected to work into the weekend if a deal isn't reached today. Gabriel Dominion Key to Our News in Arizona today, 7635 new coronavirus cases were reported along with 142 deaths. The state Health Department reports 22,400 new diagnostic tests As hospitalizations continue to rise Many food banks may be closing for the holidays, but ST Mary's wants to remind you they're open. If you're in need. The food bank will be open this week and next, until 1 P.m. on Christmas Eve and then back again, a full week between Christmas and New Year's to pick up food. You can go to their distribution center, which is off 31st Avenue. Just south of Thomas Road for everything you need to know about the vaccine or coronavirus in Arizona. You can go to Katie Jr dot com slash coronavirus. A Scott Still, man's been charged federally for covert 19 fraud 39 year old Dale Hypes is charged with fraud and money laundering after he falsely claimed to be a distributor of three and face masks. Types made off with more than $4 million from victims who were seeking masks. He's now facing up to 20 years in prison. Katya, our eyes on education. A new report by the Arizona auditor general finds more than a dozen school district's are facing financial trouble. Katie Briers Griselda is Latino is live with the details yet Maculan 13 school district's air facing high financial risk based on 10 measures three of those district's air here in the Valley, Apache Junction Unified Isaac Elementary and Murphy Elementary. One of the main components that we found for these 13 district's is that they've had declines in their student count. Melanie Chesney with the auditor general says If the school district's don't make budget cuts, they're just not going to be able to operate within their available cash resources and budget constraints. Worst case scenario would be the state Board of Education, appointing someone to handle their finances. Reporting live on Griselda City. No Katya or news Well, the Arizona Cardinals control their own destiny in the hunt for their first playoff appearance in five years, when all three of their remaining games and they're in cards, sideline reporter Paul Calvi See tells their son this morning news. They can probably afford to lose One more game. There's seven and six and they end up nine and seven. They went two out of three being, You know, yes, most likely they do get in. Now they're in that final playoff spot. You can catch Sunday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles from State Farm Stadium on our sister station, 98. 7 F M kickoff scheduled for 205. And it's 507. So let's take a look at the traffic again. Larry Lewis in the Valley Chevy Dealers, Traffic Center. Well, backing when you got a stalled vehicle, I 10 eastbound near 40th Street, now tying up a center lane, so watch for delays near. They're also dealing with that crash on the one on one eastbound. This is going to be near 66. Seventh Avenue. This one, though, is off on the left shoulder. 17 North bound approaching Rose Garden crash off right in a rural road north of Chandler Boulevard. That's a crash..

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