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Station for news partly cloudy fifty four degrees at eight oh three I'm mark Friday both the Minnesota house and Senate convened this morning as the twenty twenty legislative session heads for a Sunday night finale among what's left to pass a bonding bill Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka says they're getting closer to a bonding bill agreement we think now is a good time to do it as long as it's focused on roads and bridges wastewater infrastructure taking care of the buildings and resources we have of them the number is not as important as making sure what we focus on so I will know by Sunday night is Alka says a bonding bill will likely be over one billion dollars governor Tim Walz has requested a bonding bill totaling over two billion dollars one person is dead following a shooting late last night in St Paul police there responded to the sixteen hundred block of Jackson street at about eleven fifteen PM found a male gunshot victim wine outside of a family multi family residence the victim that died at the scene of multiple agencies were called to the scene after a large crowd gathered near the intersection of Jackson street Timberlake road at the Saint Paul police department's homicide unit started their investigation the dollar there are no arrests in this case it's a twelve homicide in St Paul this year not every small businesses opening their doors to the public as soon as the stay at home order expires Monday WCCO slowed Martin has the story of one south Minneapolis indie bookstore owner of the irreverent book where make Neeson says her team grappled with the decision wasn't until Thursday night that she decided the potential risk to people's health would weigh on her conscience I would rather sleep at night knowing that it didn't cost lives my **** money but it did not cost wise with knowledge and evidence regarding the virus changing every day Neeson says they have a well researched plan in place to safely open with little lead time when they do feel the time comes she said she's heard positive feedback from customers and they're continuing to run their business through shipping and curbside pick up in the south metro slow Martin he's talking three L. WCCO St Paul mayor Melvin Carter says his city has not received the federal aid it needs for financial recovery the cares act provided resources for our direct resources for municipalities of over five hundred thousand population we're seeing just over three hundred thousand population but we haven't received one single dollar eight answer dressed some of those general fund needs right now and that's a challenge for us you know as we face these additional challenges that's a challenge not just for us but but cities around the country and we need action and watch and see if it's something about it St Paul mayor Melvin Carter.

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