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Either my mother with Diana Ross because you go to the bar is set soul hi absolutely you know I mean like any entries it was Rossi actually you know achieved great success just going our own way into acting I but she can't things that that's pretty dope though that she's doing it now alright live our bond has announced a big bother brand is relaunching back and better than ever if you see his post it says big baller brand is back the wait is over ten percent discount on every item you all knew it was just a matter of time we are just getting started thank you to our Big Brother brand fans for your support will drop include month lowball after the I think it will do well you got to think is is son in the New Orleans bawling and when I was excited to be top pick in the draft top three in a draft will be fair number one is the number one I don't know why I'm about to why you're laughing at a person knows laughing this TV cameraman yeah so out I just want to simply say that sometimes you know I would rather you know execute in failed in failed to execute how many people in the room no eleven even started a business I don't know who is almost what is in them I don't know yeah yeah that's that it isn't okay good you're not but I I think I'm going to do just FYI if you look on the website you can't see Lee Angelo one of our on the home page and this forty eight new items that are being offered so if you wanna do that at is women's clothing on there also a youth line as well these teachers were kids that say I will be a big bother when I grow I'm definitely buy me some about to slide last time he did they had to be while the rest of us are because as a poor black business all right and is a festival called Levinson friends coming to LA and there was some drama behind this but apparently this festival is created by snow and the producers of Coachella lovers and friends and it has ace Jack the lineup Lauren hill I should ludicrous Little John TLC today I go summer Walker make the stallions Sean pau Nelly T. pain brandy Monica SWB Jabril fat Joe so many people that see Trina eve January it's with the camera this is gonna be crazy Amory tweet Mario one twelve and only thing is that they were the people that were on this that said that they're not really on the show for instance may since with the both denied they were taking part but then twisted double back and said locked and loaded playing all the hits you dig after.

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