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That's very odd, because you know we're used to having friends and family over. But the last time we had a group of people over was the Royal rumble last year when you could still fill your house with joy and laughter. Okay? I appreciate all also your support of the A. C l J kept not only keeps the lights on here in the studio helps us do incredible work around the world. Not just the country. Check out our international efforts were doing a lot. Look with administrations. Now this friendly comes in a place we don't go away. Some of you may have joined the last four years. It's way more fuck way more fun. A lot harder for a way more fun to take on the empire. Where do that give us a go? 164 31 10. Stuck in traffic. We've got the answer. This'll report is sponsored by Safeway and Hayward. Some found eight eighties You approached Tennison. We have a multi vehicle crash big rig involved in that one vehicle on its site. Traffic comes to a halt around Winton. It's an old grade north on 6 80 it Sheridan Road, a four car crash now cleared over to the right shoulder. Traffic stop and go still from Mission Boulevard North three car crash in San Pablo Westbound 80 just before San Pablo Avenue. Everything's on the right Children already in the city, a two car crash north bound to 80 just past taking Boulevard. One car in the center by the other one went into the bushes over on the right shoulder and the Danville a couple of cars involved in a collision north on 6 80 just before Sycamore Valley Road. That's on the right Children. That's traffic. I'm.

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