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I have anton fedor. Ranko he is the founder of info passi and for those of you who follow me on instagram or facebook or any of those places you probably seen me use. My little is see pad and what is info pathway now. Anton is going to be able to describe it in much more detail in terms of how it works but think of it this way. Think of being able to utilize a substance without the actual substance to heal your self. And how is that you would do it. Through a device that transfers the imprint of what ever it is that you are utilizing not the actual substance but the actual imprint of the substance. Now i know it sounds very hocus pocus but it's not it's using water water's very conductive and it's using icees so the are electromagnetic signals that are generated using algorithms and recorded from the actual substance. So i'm gonna give you a quick example because we are gonna talk in great detail about this but let's just say i want to do some sort of an immune boosting imprint k. Using the device which is something that you can purchase through info pathway. I personally have the glowing icy pad. If you go to info kathy dot com. You'll be able to see what i'm talking about because over there you'll see that. There's a section for equipment. So i use the glowing see pad by the way. I have a discount for you guys. It's sandy ten for ten percent off to get your own device anyway. Let's just say. I want something that is immune boosting then. I'm going to go into the actual complexes and myself as a practitioner. I know let's just say reaching mushroom or should tacky or any of the court saps or something like that that would help with my immune system. I could actually go ahead and find that imprint. Put my glasses of water of course filtered and you want minerals in your water and transfer. That regime mushroom to the water then. I'm going to drink the water. And i will be able to absorb the imprint of reshi mushroom without actually consuming rishi mushroom anyway. There is a lot of scientific backing to this. Some of it is not entirely proven yet. But i've been using this for a couple of weeks. And i've found that it's really helped me. In certain ways. Anton anaya discuss all of this in great detail and i actually really love this product. I encourage you to listen to the podcast very carefully. Because there's a little bit of sides to that. And i also encourage you to contact me or you can contact anton at info pappy. He also has a great facebook group. You can contact either of us for more information couple of announcements. I am always very active on instagram. So go ahead and follow me. At santa caney attrition. I'm also on twitter. Everything is sandy cay nutrition twitter. Instagram youtube I'm actually going to put a good clip of a demonstration of how info pathway works on my youtube channel with my recording with anton. So definitely go and subscribe to my youtube channel and check it out and share share share share. I'm constantly say please do..

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