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Two seven XM eighty six and streaming on your phone and at home on Sirius connected devices and speakers. All right. Our next guest. Who man what fight this guy got the win this past Saturday at Bill toward to fourteen when he defeated Aaron PICO, and what was one of the most amazing fights that I've seen in person in terms of crowd atmosphere, it going back and forth. And even though it all went down so quickly and just over a minute. I mean, it had a lot guys talked about it a lot on yesterday's show. And the post fight speech was epic. There wasn't much to it. But it was to the point who the fuck is next. What Henry cross was saying after he defeated Aaron PICO? Well, we're gonna ask them. He's joining us now on the hotline what's up. Henry how you doing? Guys. Thanks for having me, man. You're a gangster straight up. I don't know what other way to put it. That was an awesome. Well, thank you. Thank you. It's really what I felt I came back here. And I told the guys I drove from Vegas to L A five hours with traffic halfway through them. Like, what am I doing this? I could just watch it at home on design or paramount. But when I got there, and I saw the atmosphere, and what you to went out there. And did it was all worth it in the main event hadn't even happened yet? You know, but you guys really really delivered. You got the better hand he got early, but but you got it out and then drop them and ice dome. You know with a follow up that was very very impressive against a tough guy in PICO. Yeah. The crowd was electrified for sure. Who ma'am telling you, you know, when John McCarthy was interviewing you you still had this glazed look on your face. And I don't know if you were still in primal mode, or or were you still clearing the cobwebs like as you were looking up, and he was kind of telling you, hey, he got you early. And you weather the storm, and you came back, did, you know, exactly what had happened or was it all like a car collision? Like, we're bells still we still seeing stars. I was just in killer mode. You know, the journalist Bill. Hi, and. I was just a I didn't want to celebrate much. You know, he he got we have a lot of mutual people that were cool with the crowd. So, you know, just keep your cool. You know, got young just fucking killed three bad. So I respect, you know. Yeah. Did you feel like going into the fight because of his popularity because of all, you know, all the promise that this kid is showed that. I don't know if they were serving them up like, you know, you being a stepping stone. I mean, you're a veteran who's got a lot of wins. Sixteen wins going into that fight and only the three losses so much respect there. But but did you feel like that? That was the case it was a showcase for him. Yet. Definitely that was the case for sure. But you know, I've been labelled a lot worse than a underdog or whatever. So okay. I don't really care and thirteen and my seventeen finishes though. I know what I'm about. You know, I'm not too worried about that type of. Right. And there's some good names in there. You know, we went over this when we are breaking down the card, Georgia. Kirk Kenyon, held a major belt at one point. He was a WS champion, you know, and amd peco's a solid fighter. Andy main Nola hot. I mean, we've seen these guys in and around the sport..

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