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WBZ Cares 8 20 threesome. Huge backups. Just try To get into the city this morning. So let's check it out right now. With David Straka Lino and the Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. We've had problems in downtown all morning to get the details on this one will jump right into the mockery Insurance World report is still just the left lane that's getting by the scene of this crash that happened on the South Downs a Cambridge, a tractor trailer in a number of other vehicles plowed into each other. The truck is still jack knifed across the three right lanes. That has 93 South out just creeping along from back of Roosevelt's circle, and it's also impacting the Tobin Bridge. This is particularly excruciating here in the Tobin and nobody's going anywhere you're being forced off at Rutherford have nobody's allowed to go into the city Square tunnel reservoir that was already to disadvantage because of the temporary bridge at North Washington Street trying to get into the north end. So you're jammed back beyond the hood plant there in most of the other alternate routes. Folks have found those as well in their terrible to Kristen Back in the mob Free insurance road report south of the city on 95 north before Route 1 50 to a deer was hit on the left side of the road on the pikey Spawned busy exit 16 exit 17 David's truffle Lino WBZ traffic on the three. Take a look at the four day WBZ AKI Weather forecast now brought to us this time by the sump pump geeks. Let's check in with meteorologist Dean DeVore. We're not winning today. Between the traffic and this really cold start folks. Real feels in the low to mid teens this morning. Those real fields will be in the twenties this afternoon. Gusty winds ineffective sunshine through the day. And then the wind dies down, but it's very cold tonight, 21 FT below in the city. I think lots of teens and some of the inland suburbs but then tomorrow afternoon's not his cold Jeff Upper forties and then better as we get into the upper fifties senior 60 Friday and Saturday. Thank you with meteorologist in DeVore WBZ Boston's NewsRadio Get This Just 29 in Boston. This is Steve Andrews. When was last time you service your sump pump? Call the sump pump geeks at 18444335225 or visit us at some pump geeks dot com. Good morning. It's a 25. Let's take a look at New England business Shall we historically low mortgage rates and not enough homes on the market that is sending an already sky high Massachusetts real estate market? Even higher sales are up more than 25% last month. That's compared to October of last year. And if you do find that perfect home real estate tracking firm, the Warren Group says, you're gonna pay through the nose for it. The median price tag for a single family home in October is now around $455,000. That is an all time high for the month after buying out Somerville startup Pill Pack, Amazon says it's getting into the online pharmacy business. Two years and more than three quarters of a billion dollars. After the sale, the online giant is taking aims of the like taking aim at the likes of CVS and Walgreens Healthcare, estimated to be a $4 trillion industry here in the United States. Looking good in Boston so much..

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