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Houston in the state of texas coming back as well we'll be right back okay can't into the grand prize of one million dollars what color is no white house oh i know this is this i know his own five seconds oh switching to gaiko continue bunch of money on car insurance cocaine judges that's true kevin durant georgians yaro kyko because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer weren't joining us now from uh the houston chronicle a bread thanks for the time um obviously uh when when we thought we would talk to you mid week of the ucla inam game uh i don't think anyone could predicted uh that the game would seem almost secondary but uh someone who worked for an organization in that in that area and it's been an inescapable the talk to us as we say hello to you uh what has been like the last couple of days yeah i'm paul on days in brian called station in we had you know we we got probably twenty inches of rain here newest flooding around here but it was nothing in branko station is about a hundred miles northwest of houston to give me some perspective there and and uh nothing like obviously would would houston gotten no with the aggie s preparing for ucla they had of they have a big nice indoor complex that they moved indoors and so it it inconvenience them and so forth but again you know it's kevin someone who's pointed out none of that matters with what has been going on and what is still going on down there you know now that it's kind of move moving called beaumont can in louisiana in that area so you paul there were some suggestions on twitter saying hey you know they're aggie should just cancel this game and so forth but.

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