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Republicans city a lot of a lot of these senators. The republican senators are still holding a lead. They are but it's very close right now. So i have a few states that are coming in but so who so back to to joe in trump. Who what's what's the what's the numbers now at this moment right now. It's still the same two hundred and thirty eight. He wanted to my own political analysis. What was that guy on. Cnn last night peak krinsky. John king john king was that his name with the guy with the glasses wolf blitzer their city. So he's still working. That was i was i watched coverage and then i it a headache and i build out. There was a guy who was doing political analyses and his name was pete something beyond glasses and white. He kind of gave me the vibe of advanced scientists Right now joe. Biden is with two hundred thirty eight electoral votes and donald trump is at two hundred and thirteen with several states including pennsylvania. North carolina georgia. And alaska still waiting. We're still waiting on wisconsin michigan and nevada ono. I didn't look at those. Oh so wait a minute. So how many electors fern. I think those are small states at think at this point point couch. Let me see. How many are still honcker. Michigan michigan because michigan is sixteen votes. So if joe gets sixteen votes on there then he'll be at. He'll be at two fifty four so if he wins michigan he'll be at two fifty four nevada. Let me see how many electors they have. Which i i don't think because all the analysis sean are showing that don't matter wouldn't say trump the winner It's looking like that Let me see nevada electoral votes. I don't. I don't know i didn't know so good looking girl because this morning none of us are getting out. King has gone. Forty-five is how we not. That's not happening back now. Everybody's thing trump becomes president again. We all gotta stay inside for three days the babylonian they. Because you haven't that's another thing. I haven't seen a trump supporter and light for thirty hours. Yeah we are guys. The state of nevada has six electoral votes. So that'll put him onto. We're sex so that'll put him at two six two. What else do you need So he needs michigan. Nevada bottom now is it. The other state is gonna give me another state. Wisconsin wisconsin. Okay so let's see. How many electors wisconsin has come on. How many think are in wisconsin. Yeah i a guess. Right now wisconsin. I would say wisconsin have about Twelve your close. They have ten so if he can get michigan. Nevada and wisconsin hill. That'll be ten. He'll be at two seventy and that will give them to win and that would give as it is the win. Whoever gets two to seventy i. I don't know how does that work. Because we don't want to seventy and then the other guy gets to seventy three honey before you know after the fact because okay so right now because somebody calling trump is that trump is that two thirteen okay. So he's that two thirteen and he gets georgia which is sixteen which is predicted to get and if he gets carolina which is fifteen when she was predicted to get and he gets pennsylvania which which is predicted to get that puts him at two sixty four and then alaska is only three electoral votes. So that'll be too. So that would put trump at two sixty seven if he got. Pennsylvania georgia north carolina and alaska. So so the shouldn't joe win a minute so i don't know so so. The king forty-five needs one of those states. Nevada michigan or wisconsin. Is that what you're saying. Yeah and that would take over. That need michigan. the most. He needs michigan. Man he needs. He needs michigan and he needs wisconsin. So i so. That's that's my thing it's barbagallo show having one show featuring a wake-up team you wanna have a good time may show you stop in at the i m you located eight thirty one. The south delaware dr here eastern pennsylvania. The american cuisine and a twist on cocktails a wednesdays and thursdays they have a digi on site.

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