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Is a frustrating time for anyone trying to buy homes were definitely in a housing inventory shortage, but a ton of pressure on fire, Jason says Now is the chief lending officer with Wisteria Credit Union. We live in a desirable states. If you've got a lot of people moving here, then you have people that live here that realized whose pandemic that we just want more states or we want that extra room. Then you couple that with historical low rates, which makes that attractive, and then you got low inventory and it does make for a competitive market says in this market, you gotta be ready to roll and you've got to be flexible because you're probably going to get the first house you bit on or the second or maybe the third. You've also got to make sure that you're up to date on your own financial situation. For example, did you know that credit reports typically expire after 90 days? That means you've got to be on top of anything that might change your score in your loan approval status. And one of the biggest problems for home buyers right now is falling in love at first sight is an emotional thing that you're perched team. You know, you tie it to family. You tied it to memories incite the basic needs of thousands. But when you get in that bidding war, you've got a center line. The reality is I can afford 400,000 and then draw the line. So don't get so attached to a house that you can't walk away when the price doesn't make sense. I talked to somebody that had seven different offers before they had one that accepted. But you're better off letting the seven path versus over. Paying for something that puts you in financial heart is inventory This month has improved a little, but we are still near record lows. There's a new acronym for you. Foam. Oh, fear of missing out. It's a key lure in crypto currency scams. Until recently, Tesla's CEO Elon Musk, was one of the biggest cheerleaders for Bitcoin is enthusiasm has faded somewhat, but that hasn't kept investment scam artist from using his image to make their ads look more convincing. Another features pictures of billionaires Tyler and Cameron Winkle Voss without their permission, promising to double your money for investing in crypto Jim Ryan. ABC NEWS Wall Street Futures are up after the Dow and the S and P 500 Ended last week in negative territory. Our next money update, is it 7 12 Pat ordered K away news radio. 6 45 sports, So we check in with BK. And how about those avalanche? Riley gave it all he had sure dead. I think every guy that were their uniforms, David everything that they just out of gas. They're out of bodies and they're out of gas. It's a four game sweep for the Colorado Avalanche. They'll the first team to advance in the Stanley Cup playoffs. NBC Sports With final Call,.

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