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Free campaign, the LA listen to this. The warriors just announced Kevin Durant, calf strain is unlikely to return for the start of the finals, but they're hopeful he returned at some point during the finals, he has not been cleared yet for on court activities. So I just got I'm going to throw this out there. This is my theory on this. This is I'm just gonna throw this out. That what is because they're win. They winning all these games without. K D, what's the value of coming back? Until the Golden State Warriors trail. There's no value if you come back game one and you lose that's not great. If I'm Kevin Durant. I just watched the finals. And then if Golden State is down to one, I come in, and I say the day, but if you don't think branding matters, I'm dead serious. This sounds crazy now. I don't think it sounds crazy. I think he's really hurt. I don't I don't think he is. I don't think he's going back to the finals at all. That's a long. That's a tough injury to recover from you have to rest forever. Man, ten more days, and he's not going to be ready for the start. All right. Okay. Coming up next. Drake's on the sidelines. He's just one of those famous people that we automatically connect to one team. We'll give you a list pretty interesting. That's coming up next. Be sure to catch live. Additions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern, nine AM Pacific on Fox Sports radio f s one and the iheartradio app..

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