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Version so i guess they're confused by all that so i'm sorry geeks i guess the general community at large one in so now it's android q flash tent so android is currently running on two point five billion active devices that includes not only google pixel pixel phones but samsung nokia and many other brands android logo also got a slight refresh. The green android mascot only shows the top of its head rather than a full body we now the text which says android under the face is now black rather than green so guess. You're wondering maybe a little bit changes but hopefully it's for the good and hopefully i mean i kind of to some extent was like oh cool well. I like the new naming conventions like we used to like. The old old fashioned ones but i could never really tell yeah was the latest one but well. I guess we'll be okay without it. Plus you have only gone to twenty seven versions before people got confused anyways and then guarantee you you could not find a dessert that starts with x so that's probably why like yeah we're kinda getting into the naming phases that are a bit more confusing so i guess it was for the good but the farewell a quarter of a pound cake <hes> you will be missed and hello to android q. flash ten moving onto some gadget news the outer boxes new wireless charging system seems to be stacking up pretty nicely here now the concept of portable battery packs that stack up one on top of the other for recharging isn't new but outer boxes new outer spot system appears to be the first i that brings wireless charging element to the mix price at one hundred thirty dollars for a base unit in one charge pad..

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