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Gene grad. Let's start off with some olympic news. Got a couple of really interesting stories. First of all to olympic high jumpers gave these gold worthy performances at the tokyo olympics. That happened on sunday and they were so good. They're sharing the gold medal. Cbs news reports that qatar. matale munis. Well this is interesting. And it's a more than just you know making this choice. Lutaz essabar seem and italy's jin marco. Tim berry both had the same high jump of two point. Thirty seven meters. They each attempted to beat that includes two point thirty nine. They both failed on their first. Try so like a shootout. They can have a jump off. But that's they each take turns until they beat the score but instead they asked if they could share the gold medal a little back story and they'll explain it to These men became friends many years ago and they both have. They both have the same near career ending ankle injuries. So they both know how hard the other person worked to get to where they are and it just. They're already friends and it kinda seemed perfect. Here's both of them were are they letting them share. The that is allowed. That's allowed i. They are sharing the gold. There's been lebron's we'll wait a minute. You can't do that. That's why it was a headline score ties for first and you both agree not to go through with tiebreaker. Leave you both get. Brown's got to go settle it. Settle it up. I don't know. I don't want it in the world cup. I mean i don't like the shootout but you gotta do. The shootout got assists. The olympics very hunger games we won't we won't continue or or don't raise it. Leave it at the same height and see who knocks it knocks the pull off ship well. Sportsmanship is fine. What i'm saying is is sharing of the gold is a slippery slope if you are deciding that we can go have seized on on this. I'll give you one medal and you can whack in half or get to jump and bitches. That's the way i would approach it. Well here is there. Press conference at this is w- what was sort of going through their minds when they decided to do this or they allowed. You know once. Collusion finished with nine joe qatar. You look at me. I look at him. We just understood. That was no need to go. That's it wasn't even a question. Probably i will never ever share with anybody else. Then that's because we bust outlets there through the worst during jumper combustible. And i know what he did to be back. You know what. I did to be back and you can't leave.

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