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Attorney had clearly informed him of the order and that a top aide also read part of it allowed to him during a staff meeting his lawyers contended the former sheriff's fate should have been decided by a jury not a judge they also see that bulletin violated our pales rights by not reading the decision in court contempt of court case marked the first time federal authorities had prosecuted are pale on a criminal charge they'll his office has been the subject of past investigations federal authorities had looked into our payers misspending of one hundred million dollars in jail funds and his criminal investigations of political enemies neither investigation led the prosecution of the sheriff or his employees japanese prime minister shinzo rv is the target of public criticism following the launch of north korea's may dismissal yoshihiko noda a lawmaker that japan's main opposition party denounced ave for his decision to commute from his private residence in told me guy us to boulia on friday night north korea launched wet may have been an intercontinental ballistic missile noda said i'll be lost precious minutes immediately after north korea's late friday propagation time that would not have been spent in the show chauffeur vehicle if he chose to live in the official residence i cannot believe prime minister abass still commutes from his private home to the prime minister's house noda a former prime minister told reporters even though he is chief commander of the selfdefense force he's extremely heedless of crisis management cubbies choice of residence is not new the prime minister never fully moved to his official residence in tokyo since assuming office in december two thousand twelve according to kyodo news young gang.

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