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Worked with the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the debut album that was in nineteen eighty four it's ninety two five so we have traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fine is what's going on on the freeways Tim green with bank just appalled at a pass now they've updated the location is a little closer to Skirball center drive started out as a two car crash then it was listed as a three then for we've kind of follow this pattern a couple times this evening and now we have a four car crash working right and about Skirball center drive four oh five south bound at least the slow lane is blocked and there may be another vehicle in another lane all right so as you come south from Sherman oaks south on the four oh five watch out as you approach in cross Mulholland and that chance to accidents at the Skirball center because that's the cross street that they gave for the accident but most of it seems to be south of Skirball center drive by about another half a mile all right if you get the chance just exit the of four oh five at Skirball or Mulholland and takes a pulled up around it or bring a little patience and go right through the middle of it okay next traffic report at ten OO five I'm Tim green wood with more traffic reports more often okay and extend seventy newsradio well we have a high wind warnings in wind advisories in effect for tomorrow afternoon and later on because a strong.

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