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The DZ foundation that the greatest pathway to success is exposure so we create opportunities for women and children with our partnerships like the content hotels here in Chicago and also Milwaukee they certainly been a tremendous partner a mail out it allowed our organization to expand and do so so much more that's incredible so then I do not when you came on board for you a volunteer or were you just interested in the foundation yeah so basically Julie and I met late last year and and for me it was just a time in my life to it to give back to the Chicago community I've spent a lot of years in the hospitality arena here and I just really felt like having such a strong platform we could really do guide for Chicago so we had it off we naturally started planning and I'm plotting for the year ahead with how we could utilize all four cantons here in Chicago okay gray where I am not as some of the host hotels and the cost was just really near and dear to me so what kind of programs have you both sort of collaborated on I know there's been fashion shows what's been going on with you all hazel limit Pauline is never I mean is never ending which were excited about no one wants to you know follow a parked car I want to be a part of a moving train and so we're moving in where we we leave on people and we create life changing opportunities I should say I'm for people and children but we're truly excited about the backpack initiative with the consent we have our leading ladies panel series and which the Camden hotel on the content graces of a plea will be hosting or bringing in the most fabulous leading women in Chicago to for inspiration and also give back its native give back yeah we bring dresses on morning you wore on I should say unborn and new dresses until women that we're going to make over in twenty twenty and then we have our holidays in which that comes in will be a part of this huge surprise that we're gonna be surprising two thousand children in Chicago in three CPS schools on yes and so our kids and family in canton teams will certainly be a part of it so when I say it's going going it never stops what's it mean amazing we love the heart and they can send team and kids and family they truly have a heart for give back and social responsibility in Chile changing lives only in women but also children absolutely so then on when you do you collect these backpacks and school supplies how do you choose where they go and which neighborhoods are which schools so one of the things that we've I'm done is we with the schools as of a clean we actually interview the school that we surprise during the holidays while also when we actually select schools and that we're going to partner with specifically for the holidays and beyond we actually interview the principles we actually receive referrals and recommendations and then our board actually goes in and interviews a principles because we want to make sure that he truly have a heart and and passion for children and that they really want expand because these children deal with so much Paulina it's it's mind boggling and chili rings tears tears to your eyes we will make sure that it's a great partnership for not only daisy but also our partners because work sitting above and beyond and so when you have an amazing partners such as the camps in hotels and what they're doing we wanna make sure that it's a great synergy and they really get the heart of not only daisy but also our partners that were that were aligning ourselves with so with our backpack event coming up we actually selected Perkins **** it's a school located in in the Inglewood community okay mazing school on an incredible principle and leadership team that truly builds on the school for many many years started off at a lower tier on there's I guess yours I'm somewhat levels in different tiers of that I've heard about this system and it was actually ranks near the bottom and the principal miss Caroline Jones actually has truly came in and transfer I mean literally transform the school wow and there at the highest level as far as academic performance leadership scholastic I mean I mean just I mean I can go on and on and you go in and the heart of the school and the temperament of the temperatures really determined by difference will the leadership and I tell you when you go in its magnetic over just want to create opportunity so we actually surprised particular school in December of twenty eighteen with a huge holiday celebration in our board was very committed to creating new opportunities and when I mean I'm I'm basically came together with the cans and we met dean and the entire kids and family we just said listen Perkins as Marie wanted out we love Perkins this is a great opportunity for the kids on many of the kids are not exposed to other children's opportunities so this backpack initiative is something that the commission spear headed and it's going to be absolutely incredible in on next month in August August twenty six so we're really excited to get the children at a great start to the new school year absolutely and now where can anyone go for more information or if they want to donate or if they want to possibly get involved where can we check all this out at yeah absolutely so what what we have going right now we've got the Campden cares of Chicago volunteer organization that has built a go fund me page and it's go find me dot com backslash canton cares back to school and what we're asking for is either financial donations and we'll do the shopping for you okay also are accepting bulk donations we ask for a minimum of five hundred units of reason being we want to make sure everything is uniform for the students at the receiving we want to accomplish any sort of bullying or or anything that causes anything different for the students we want everything to be fair and even so if people do you want to donate involved five hundred units I've got the beautiful full school supply list from the principal and reach out to contain care Chicago I can tune hotels dot com and we can coordinate those bulk donations otherwise we just ask for for our great Chicago community to help us and we'll do the shopping for you and we've already reached out to several of our corporate partners and vendors who are helping us with both discounts and helping us get us across the finish line with us that's perfect great and then also to the other day will meet with you because ago I received a pen on my desk yeah from the daisy foundation I want to say it was a partnership with you guys what is that that is a year round initiative yeah let me tell you a little bit about that so one of the the staples of the Camden ethos is to really give back to our community and they give our employees a lot of economy to just it really say who do you want to contribute to how are we giving back and how can we make the biggest impact in each of our local communities across the country custom rom right and so what we did at the Camden grey as we rallied our our team we ask for important causes and what we do is every month we utilize our partnership with another corporate partner tie bar to select opinion a lapel pin I'm it matches the style of our hotel but the color also meets a costs and a different charity an implant three element that we can get back to all of the guys you received was our pride theme yeah which we we custom curated it with the tie bar and what we did is leading up to pride month here in Chicago we send those out they were for sale at our front desk and through our hotel receipts went to center on house died and then this summer July through the end of it basically the year we have a purple lapel pen so we're gonna send you that one over to is sort of daisies key color in purple and again for sale at the hotel their ten dollars and all proceeds will go back to daisy foundation it's just another way that we can try to open up on our platforms and our funding for daisy foundation outside of those lapel pins we also have all four of the contents here in Chicago have gastrin packages for sale in the name of daisy foundation and you'll see it right up on the website and what we do is we give back ten dollars out of that to daisy foundation per evening of any of this package is blocked so again just trying to use our platform to get to our partners as much as we can well I love that that's amazing so following everything to that happening with the backpack drive and then the leading ladies luncheon in the fall is there a social media handles the ever can follow to kind of keep up with everything that's happening it's busy year absolutely so they can follow daisy foundation and daisies actually spelled uniquely D. A. I. S. I. ease of kind of daisies with the poor without the at so D. A. I. S. I. E. foundation dot org or you can certainly follow as the Instagram Twitter link then Facebook meaning that one all the platforms and survey interconnected with all of our events in different things that we have going on for not only twenty nineteen but moving into twenty twenty to busy air delay it I love that so again to close out the interview do you mind just repeating again what the website is for donations and for anyone to get involved with a backpack drive absolutely thanks so much for asking and go find me dot com backslash canton cares back.

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