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Did you. You offer your nannies a raise. When a second kid came into the picture yes and no i see yes because at least <unk>. Especially back then when our second kid came into the picture fairly soon after her nanny had started with us. I was pregnant with him when she came so she kinda knew she was signing for kids. We did yearly raises in those days. And when i say because at some point we hit kind of a little bit of a ceiling where we just started adding other things like increased bonuses and increase vacation time at cetera. I wouldn't say we added specifically because of the second kid but we did increase <hes>. Compensation anyway and i will say that you know just like for a parent sometimes. It's helpful for a caregiver to have the toddler out of the house for part of it so they can focus on the other kid especially if they're going to be doing some housework duties as well so back then. When annabelle was three in cameron was one that was probably one of the hardest parts of her job. Say harder than it is now especially because for the most part all three go to school for a significant portion of the day. But i had alan in preschool at age three even if it was just for four or five hours that really broke up the de for time that she would just have with a newborn time in part. When that new warriner one-year-old even would be napping so just took the load off a little bit so sometimes it doesn't you know it's not an either or plus particularly in non cova times preschools had have benefits to something to consider. That might make things easier for your caregiver. If you're adding more than one can. Yeah i mean. I would say like in general with any. I mean you employ in your work worker at home as well. i mean. anytime someone's job responsibilities increase substantially than than raise would probably be appropriate in our case we had always <unk>. wound up in a cycle. We are hiring new people. Like as i was pregnant with the next baby so it was like. Yeah i like you the they were signing on in negotiating with that in mind knowing the number of children that would be involved in the job and then currently we actually are any wanted to trim hours a little bit over the past year. And that's that's been fine. Because michael and i are both working at home right now. I'm not travelling anywhere. And so and we'll we'll see how that all pans out when when the pandemic is over people travel again but but for now it's it's been okay

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