Michael Flynn, FBI, Producer discussed on The Mark Levin Show


I was hurt by this frail the trashing michael flynn this is a man who has a standup man this guy is a weasel which shows that he has no idea how fbi people feel about their leaders but you do mr mccabe i was drawn to the fbi but nothing more than complicated and the desire to do good in nineteen ninetyfour so now we get into the life and times of andrew mackay mr producer mr producer since andrew mccabe wants to go public and talk about his life and times have we contacted jim commes publicist for his book and invited him on the program they didn't get back to us just tell them cimh steve colbert then i know we'll get back to us immediately and then he wraps himself in the fbi he wraps himself he dares to wrap himself in the fbi when it was the inspector general's office and the office of professional responsibility that caught this guy red handed benny deceive them he dissemble to them and then they go to the attorney general and say fire his ass and now this guy dares to wrap himself in all the patriotic men and women who work for the fbi you sir aren't disgrace we're not talking about all the patriotic men and women who work for the fbi.

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