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Coach in our top story at seven thirty one there's a new development in the trial of Sharon cracks who's charged with killing three people on his cousin's families Bucks county farm in the summer of twenty seventeen practice because in Cosmo DiNardo is refusing to subpoena to testify after making a deal to cooperate it's not clear what kind of punishment he might face the owners already spending life in prison after admitting he murdered four young men on that farm prices charged with killing three of them Hey why W. suburban bureau chief Jim mail work reports tourists on Friday got to watch prices hour plus long confession to detectives about his role in all this chilling Kratz gave to video statements the first is about four hours long with detectives repeatedly getting frustrated with inconsistencies in what they call lies near the end of that first video Kratz asked to talk to his mother she tells him to tell the truth and not to worry about his cousin Cosmo denardo in her words save yourself because Phil Barry you just like he did to those four boys the second video statements from about six months later Kratz gives a full confession admitting he shot and killed in for Carol at the urging of denardo he says after they shot and Carol denardo put his arm around and laughing and asked what's wrong haven't you ever seen a dead body before crotch described in order to kill time may on March third is now the two went for cheese steaks then came back the next day to bury the bodies the confession was supposed to be part of a plea to third remarkable cross backed out of that plea at the last minute he's on trial now facing first degree in a possible death penalty his current lawyers asking jurors to ignore this confession claiming Kratz was coerced into giving it buys previous attorney denardo did go through with his plea he is serving four.

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