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Explosive topic. And it worked. Cuomo has never explained who he believes was behind political attacks against him the investigation into his behavior and the impeachment process were handled by Democrats who were once his allies. Brian Mann, NPR news Vice president Kamala Harris is taking on China. We know that Beijing continues to course. To intimidate. And to make claims to the vast majority of the South China Sea here. A spoke a short time ago and Singapore saying the U. S will pursue a free and open Indo Pacific. Harris is in Singapore as part of a tour of Southeast Asia. She is also to visit Vietnam. The Biden administration is coming under pressure to extend the August 31st deadline to be out of Afghanistan. France's foreign minister says more time is needed to complete evacuations from the Kabul airport. NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports. He spoke as a Taliban warned of consequences of the U. S and its allies failed to meet the deadline. Speaking from an air base in the United Arab Emirates, where France has set up an air bridge for its evacuees from Kabul, French Foreign Minister Jean Yves Le Drian expressed concern over the fast approaching deadline. Adrian says France's commitment to at risk Afghans does not end on August 31st. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is also expected to ask President Biden to extend the deadline at an emergency G seven virtual summit Tuesday. France, Britain and Germany are struggling to get out thousands of citizens and Afghans who worked with their troops. A spokesman for the Taliban has said they will not agree to an extension of the evacuation mission, calling it a red line and an extension of the occupation. Eleanor Beardsley. NPR NEWS PARIS On Capitol Hill tonight, House Democrats trying to overcome a standoff over President Biden's infrastructure agenda, although voting has come to a stand still stand. Still, negotiations are said to be ongoing with a group of party moderates. Who are threatening to withhold their support for $3.5 trillion budget blueprint. They want the house to first vote on that $1 trillion buy a package that received bipartisan support in the Senate. This is NPR. The police and fire Chief of Waverly, Tennessee. Grant Gillispie says rescue teams are still searching for dozens of people believe missing and the catastrophic flooding over the weekend are Search.

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