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Yeah it's just it just changes form yeah yeah but it's i love yeah i mean i i like that that exists now because it's really it's nice to have people come up to now who are like i said a younger saying oh i like this because years ago you wouldn't have had access to that did it would be because you were diving through the video store yeah working really hard to find it now it's so easy to just look person's name and you can find their whole filmography and pick it up so what are some of your favorites that you gotten to do well the ones that were most difficult together get together and then that i think the shooting experience was the best those that's kind of how i i that's my criteria for that so i would say mozart and the whale was one of them because that was it was one of those thank you it was one of those at the time i was being offered everything under the sun in this in out here in la wouldn't i had turned out some major films to do this and petr ness such a talented guy he had done this movie elling just before which is phenomenal unfortunately in the edit the production company that that paid for the movie the 'financiers decided that they wanted to kind of take it in a direction and he couldn't fight them off and so the film in the end didn't quite have the have the flavor of the field tone that it could have had but the production the experience of working on it and getting to know the guy who i played named his name is jerry newport was phenomenal experience and i really like i took a lot out of that movie personally and yeah that was one of my favorites and then lucky numbers levin was another one because that was all friends everyone everyone involved friend of mine wrote it friend of mine directed at me and some friends produced it and then we somehow got ben kingsley and morgan freeman and bruce willis and and lewd sign onto.

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