Idaho Supreme Court, Legislature, President Trump discussed on Idaho's First Morning News


To call a special session after all that was going to be over treasure valor water rights but it doesn't look like it needs to happen the idaho press tells us house speaker scott bed key who has been mediating the dispute between treasure valley water users and state and federal agency says parties have agreed to a timetable that does not require a special session now and they're to be commended for their patience now the parties are still looking for a proposed change to state law with regard to water rights priority when new water storage facilities are constructed but decided that the issue can wait until lawmakers convened for their regular session in january parties had been schedule although to meet at the idaho supreme court yesterday on wednesday for arguments at a series of appeals and then cross appeals in that dispute but all jointly agreed to vacate that hearing with a settlement in the works so will ris address that when the legislature convenes meanwhile now that the president has signed an executive order and the practice of separating kids from their illegal alien parents at the mexican border what good will it do in both houses of congress bills are being hammered together to legally end the process which the center for immigration studies marguerite telford tell six seventy k b o news six seventy k b o i news is mandated by the ninth circuit court of appeals thunder obama didn't seem to be the outrage there is a law that says you can only detain children so long which is why when you have a parent go to court because it is a criminal fence crossing the border we don't put children in present we separate them mm and we pay to a family member or they don't have anyone into foster care boise city council passed a resolution denouncing the practice of separating kids from their parents but telford says the real outrage should be directed at the adults that are subjecting the kids to that dangerous trip across mexico jay howell six seventy k b o on and it looks like micron is spending a little money thirty two million dollars to move research engineers and other employees currently work in temporary trailers into a new office building on its boise campus idaho statesman reporting the new three story office building on the campus of south end will how some twelve hundred workers when it's completed new buildings interior will have open spaces and rooms designed for collaboration will also.

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