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I know exactly who talk pain. And I'm like I end up paying the fake Uber outside those Daily Times. Three to take care of fifty dollars they marry a sign that says Uber clearly. Like four four one game coming out of this team. Give me an overview think. I think I'll have my. I think on my car this year so depending on where I live. But we'll see what's the living situation last year because the indecisiveness up down up down and this year you know you're GonNa hope hopefully be the whole year you know. What is that like and you still say hotel. I don't know how that I'M GONNA get. I'M GONNA get a places when you're when you're on the forty man. I mean I could have done last year too but just I didn't know obviously when I be there when you get called up you get seven days and so I think I got three weeks of hotels for free which is great but other than that. I just bounced hotels and then Yeah this year I just kind of want get some small. Just put my stuff too crazy to live like that. Balancing hotels needs. I would bring my entire life to the club house when we go on the road. You know it's not too. I don't think fans like realized that like hundred percent just something that just gets through suitcases. One goes in the road one stays at home. That's as your life live. Ep I feel like has been something this year. That's been tweeted about and covered more than past probably because we have a really good players on both sides pitching and hitting What is that dynamic? Who is a guy who you dread kinda facing out there like when Chapman Jaffe is going to be my guy especially being a lefty? Yeah Yeah just you know. It's never fun to face Chapman and nine thirty in the morning if you're anyone but I mean for me. I'm not a huge fan of live. Vp's I just. I don't have the answer. Not The energy. There's just no adrenaline there as well. Yeah it's just it's just kind of just take it as kind of seeing pitches and you know. Look at shapes shapes of the pitches and things like that but yeah I mean I don't WanNa face anyone on our staff Kathy. You know you got like sometimes leave. China thank God exactly. It's like a nice signed caller. At least I don't have to face. Have you faced him yet in the lobby now? I only had three Tommy Chad. Green Otero Tommy. How'd that go down the guy you just want to get ahead off? We Talk Shit to you. Of course you punch me out. So he's got it over. What are you talking through? Four straight CHANGEUPS. Kidding me through may three five. I mean it's so good that he just goes but he's he's got a little bit bigger break while this year so that'll help him out to look good and his in his one live that I saw and then Yeah I mean I think some guys worked on SOME DIFFERENT VISION. I think auto at the change will be really good. Shot seems to have a pretty good kirpal. So different shapes especially off of their of their fastballs and auto slider. He's got the pitch go and the other way so it'd be I mean it's the best bullpen in the game and they're probably getting better. You had map late to that equation to all the analytics behind that should be something mentioned Garrett Cole Have you have. You had any reactions with him. What what does he come off? What are your first impressions of him? Yeah he he's real. He really loves the game Hit yesterday not pitching nothing there the entire time which is awesome out of a guy like that. I mean. We don't have to be like that so just to have that. I think he wants to bring it into the clubhouse At least that's the feeling I get. Every time around him. Talks to the younger players especially pitchers but you can just tell it cares which is nice for a guy making that amount of money on that contract to help solve our again. I I when he has opening press conference and the guy has just signed with the New York Yankees lifelong dream. And he's out there thinking. I can't remember Tom. Heppner's two guys who just on the hall fame. And he just mentioned them and they have Marvin Miller. I think along with other guy and this guy's just want us to baseball loves the game and he seems like he comes off to a rocket scientist. That guy who just like he is like not only is he had this unbelievable God given talent but like he's so smart and indeed. A lot of a lot of our pitchers are are really liked. That a lot of men auto had that zone pitching lab right one point. You know So I think that you know the game they have a nice happy medium of using the numbers but also not solely focusing on them. You know they're concerned about. I want to see him after what they can improve on it. I think you need a happy medium in everything. Definitely what would you hit? Is You knew what pitch was coming. Every time it'd be a lot more fun I can tell you that much but mean look it is what it is it happened. Well ask hypothetical just in case I mean. I think you'd be surprised. What guys would hit with a t there because defense is real good in the Big Leagues? You know thinking t's hard fucking thing I definitely be higher for so you know that's Kinda everyone at this point who we're awesome. Yeah I don't really the only thing that kind of just coming out that could impact other people is that they don't know about in game video anymore which is which is kind of a big a big deal for especially kind of bench guys like. I need to see a window or the pitch is coming from important part of my daily preparation for the game. So we'll see what happens with that That would be unfortunate. I think a lot of people would be bothered by the hitters. Yeah so we'll we'll see what happens but that's basically the only thing. What is your routine like before? Seven o'clock one o'clock yeah me independent so if I'm starting it's completely different than when I'm not when I start. I take BP. When I don't I don't and I basically don't do anything. Get their one. But I don't do anything until like eight thirty. What he's not doing anything like what are you doing like go in the training room? Get loose Obviously we got. I got to go out to stretch. I'm I'm not going to be the guy that doesn't go out the stretch. So you stretch take ground balls do my defense stuff. But just don't have be and then come back in and kind of eat. Eat Your dinner and then I get dressed than kind of just chill. You talked about the spread though because I've eaten at the Abbey. This blue jays spring training. Silly fantastic man. Yeah I can only imagine. How's the meals in the in the DUGOUT clubhouse before the game I mean they do an incredible job? Everyone that works there. The two shifts are great. Sometimes they cater in. It doesn't get what's your favorite meal that they got you. There's everyone like I'm upset with him but I don't really. I generally don't even eat in the city a lot because I go have lunch. They're like why would you waste my exactly so you know. Uh Take my 275 train ride and then got follow but I really liked their surf and turf one that they do like once a week so I'll go. Yeah we question food yes so since you went to Princeton I had to ask. What's your hoagie haven? Order Dirty Sanchez. Extra dirty choice fat lady to close the Mac. Daddy never had it taken cheeseburgers and fried Mac and cheese bites. Sounds PRETTY GOOD BLINK..

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