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Four cases which takes them and plan on having any the Howard County where they lose sight of that vehicle and the distance. thank you he says the twenty year old suspect's car was later recovered he was nowhere to be found another chase this time involving Howard County police ended with the get away suspect killed in a crash that close I ninety five from capitol beltway to Baltimore beltway at the height of afternoon rush hour police say the suspect took after and after an attempted arrest and was trying to make an illegal U. turn from the north to south bound lanes when he lost control and was struck by a tractor trailer the suspect died as did a passenger in that car I ninety five was closed for several hours the Montgomery County sports hall of fame inducted first class tonight Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky Jim is Dominique Dawes former red skin quarterback Shawn springs are among those earning a spot in the brand new sports hall of fame in Montgomery County this is All spokesman Joe Yasser off the first class is probably in the in some ways the easiest because you have a lifetime of people but it's also the hardest because how do you pick six people in the history of McCormack county to put into that first class the induction ceremony will be held at the Silver Spring Civic Center and is free to the public Maria leaf on WMAL and WMAL dot com with Labor Day falling on the latest possible date next year Montgomery County is considering going back to starting school a week before the holiday in twenty twenty the calendar under consideration would give students a full week off for spring break but school board members run sure at this point what to do about inauguration day a Wednesday two days after the Martin Luther king holiday there's concern no one would go to school on Tuesday if there's no school Monday or Wednesday so the board may opt to open on inauguration day for the first time since two thousand five checking your money the Dow's up fifty five the nasdaq down fine up next traffic.

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