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Oh, it is on the nineteenth. I liked it. Okay. You going to go Travis. I'm not going to go. That is what we call a championship weekend and the NFL, hopefully, we're busy busy. Yes. You're not. You're not going to dampen. This still know you're anti-god Saturday night at the Coliseum divisional weekend. You know, it's going to stop it. Guys, grow cyber loses. That was that undeserved on KOMO, man. Stop it. Did you watch it? Yeah. I watched it because it was John Paul Jones bones Jones returned to the on on Saturday night. So, you know, I don't know if you saw Dana White's comments just weekend. Try Dana white got a little heated about well. You not a big UFC fan. Not a particularly I am a UFC fan alike watching because I get the fights that I want. That's why I'm gets boxing. I don't like boxing in terms of guys. There's no governing body that makes people fight like. Bring up terrain all win. And who Asia Adrian broder, like somebody wants bar pack for web pack, y'all been retire. Right. As a musician. I just give just saying. This. Wants that. It's the farewell tour is in the trash Rosh wants that unless pack. Yeah. Singing national anthem the Philippine national anthem. We come on, man. What you might. That's that's what you go for data entertainment. But watching Dana white the other night. So Chris cyborg whose was the women's champion. Okay. She beat by men in this. And so many Nunez has now beaten. Remember, she knocked out Ronda Rousey, really quickly to right? I think she'd be highly home as well. And I think she just beat. I mean, she just beat Chris I bore and so with Dana white after the fight, you know, he's talking about how this is great for UFC in their their reveal formerly of ESPN. Now, I think he's with offer gateways win. Anyway, basically reveal tells him is this. This isn't good for your sport. You got somebody who's not really in terms of what you played his Dr music. Especially story whatever's gonna finish. The busy. Anyway, if you wanna go find the store, this is Manny notice. It's bad for the sport sport Travis because obviously UFC has to market their stars thinking about it with Conor McGregor fights, look, I don't care. I wanna see wanna watch it not the necessarily because of the fight because of the spectacle, what he's going to do what he's going to say what he's going to wear all of that stuff. So look men and who has wins this weekend. Now, you have see like, okay. Well, she's not really there's a new UFC every six days, and it's just it's it's hard to whatever the casual fan like you and Travis we don't care if there's a new champ every no I yeah. I need what's bad. Somebody. Is that bad or is that Floyd Mayweather knocked out like Mudoukh, my uncle at a twenty. Who was he find some guy? I was like he's just came off the east the game. Down and said, I wanna fight pack. A weird vibe at the Rose Bowl at the end of the game last night. We'll get into it next. This is your fault. Well, no, we gotta work in because kirks long winded story that went nowhere. Last segment. Did I was just a bit? Amanda Nunez is basically going to again. Careers like she ended rondor she took Ronda Rousey is knocked her out took her from UFC to WWE, Ronda Rousey was the most over hyped thing. I've ever seen him because she's a great gold, medalist, great athlete. But it was when his greatest it's like, you're treating her like she's Muhammad Ali. She's had ten fight. Now, you can see here on Monday night, raw you can't tell me. So. He's never when they've had ten of anything. Check, Ronda Rousey out on smackdown. Actress now, right or performance, right? I went to the Rose Bowl game yesterday Kirk as as I do most January release, I know Felice on Agno..

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