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Once upon a time we were introduced to world unlike any other Elsa. Promise me we do this together. Okay but now. A new journey lies ahead ABC's Ginger Zee. Come with me as we go inside frozen too with the animators composers and storytellers. Who are bringing the next? I chapter in the frozen saga to life inside frozen to a behind the scenes look at the making of frozen to from ABC and Disney. Listen now for free on your favorite evite podcast APP. We talked about the votes earlier. But what are the arguments that led to them. And where do we go from here. Here we got a real live constitutional law expert with us for this. ABC News Legal Analyst. Kate Shaw and Kate. We talked earlier in the show. About how Democrats and Republicans were just really at each other's throats for hours for days for weeks. Is this all gamesmanship is that how is that how I should see it or or do they each have legitimate constitutional gripes with each other. You Know No. I think that the Democrats are making a case that is constitutional. They are arguing that the conduct here was so agree. Just that it warrants. The ultimate constitutional sanctions enchanted drafters of our Constitution designed a government in wish. Ambition was made to check ambition in which no branch of government would predominate manege over another. And no man would be allowed to be above the law including the president especially the president that that's a power that should be used rarely early but basically the conduct at issue here was sort of exactly at the heart of what the framers were trying to target when they wrote impeachment into the Constitution. Mr Mr Trump has allowed foreign powers to interfere in our domestic affairs. He's endangered our national security and our democracy itself for those reasons. We must impeach this presidency. That as the argument that the Democrats I think making and they think they've been hoping that the the facts here speak so clearly that there that they would dislodge some Republicans from their partisan corners and get some Republican support obviously these proceedings proceedings sorta culminating in. Yesterday's vote have made clear that none of that is happening. Let's look at these two phony articles of impeachment Washington Cheetan liberals have failed. The Democrats have trampled them all in their stampede. To impeach their cohorts at a deep state in the mainstream media they republicans have made arguments arse in constitutional terms but then I think are primarily more political that they're they're accusing the Democrats of acting out of hatred. You heard this term a number of times. They hate this president. They've been looking for a way to get rid of him. And you know the the Ukraine call is just excuse that they have land and upon so so those are constitutional arguments. Exactly I mean they think. The constitution sets a very high bar and the Democrats haven't cleared the president himself. Kate essentially said like hey I make policy. Oh see with Ukraine. You guys can argue with me over policy. But that's not impeachable right. That's that's the line sure. So the president saying that and his allies in the house are saying that and the Democrats are saying we stipulated. We disagree with you about almost every policy question. That's not what this is about. This is about some agreed violation of your constitutional both and agreed abuse of power and yesterday we started hearing from some Democrats. You know. Maybe we don't actually send these articles of impeachment over the Senate as promptly we is everyone was expecting like why would you do that and is is that a thing you can actually do Brad so the speaker of the House actually has a lot of control over what happens next. I vote proudly for these two articles of impeachment and then I hope the house retains control of the articles so they sent. It can't take these articles of impeachment until the house formerly delivers them to the Senate and the timing of that is within the speakers control so she could decide. We're going to do this in the first week or the second week of January as I think think is still the most likely scenario. Make our decision as to one. We're going to send it when we see what they're doing on the Senate side but that's a decision that we will make jointly eh or as you said there has been some talk of potentially hitting pause there are some Law Professors in particular advocating for maybe I'm trying to do some negotiating with the Senate before delivering the articles in order to get some concessions about things like live witnesses. I am not going to support witnesses. This is being called for by the president. I'm not going to support witnesses. Being called for by Senator Schumer in particular because Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham I have sent signals that in some ways the outcome here is for ordained this is a political process is not anything. Judicial about impeachment is a political decision now. Obviously House Democrats would like something that looks more like a genuine proceeding which you know minds are open new testimony when he can come in and the outcome is not you know a foregone conclusion that means why Nancy Pelosi sorta sit around with them for awhile. Is there any chance that that she does that. It seems unlikely to me but I do think that it's an idea. That's getting a little bit of traction so I I bet they'll be At the very some kind of internal caucus discussion of the possibility in the machinery of the impeachment process churns on even today Kate Shah. Thanks so much thanks Brad and one last thing I want to go back to the Capitol for some perspective this morning because ABC senior. National correspondent. Terry Moran is actually standing right outside and Terry. I'm reminded that you watch the impeachment of President Clinton play Out Twenty one years ago today did what you saw last night feel the same feel different. It feels very different. Grad that that felt momentous intas and even though the conduct was considered by most Americans not really to warrant impeachment it was about sex the process itself to see the the House of Representatives. And the Senate take these solemn constitutional steps it did feel momentous and I must say it is a sign of the times not it just the partisanship but the news cycles and the kind of country we are today it does not have that gravity it feels like just another chapter in and the outrage and the bitterness and the melodrama the the high stakes reality show that our politics have become that even this constitutional step feels like just another week in the trump presidency and Teri does that tell us more about president trump and his presidency or does he just tell us about Democrats and Republicans these parties in two thousand nineteen. You know both because the parties have changed that's for sure there used to be moderate Republicans and conservative Democrats During the Clinton White House and so they were up for grabs their votes. were up for grabs. The these are just two bitterly opposed camps for the first time in his privileged life life. Donald Trump will be finally held accountable. Listen this has nothing to do with the constitution. It has nothing to do with anything but raw politics. They A and they're voters locked in. Were fifty fifty country. Nobody moves much at all but it also does show how the personality of Donald Trump honed honed over seventy plus years outsized brazen forceful has taken hold of the National Discussion National Imagination. Like like no president that I can think of what they put. My family through is a disgrace me. It's my life it's fine I do but you know what what they put put. My family through is a disgrace and they ought to be ashamed and we should get apologies all over the place pretty much. Everything revolves around him. It seems not just our debates in the halls of Congress but the actions of athletes on the playing fields the old ward shows in our arts even the kind of straws we drink everything everything ends up revolving around him because he bends the national discussion to his will his personality which is performed. and which is just just mercurial. You can never know what's going to happen next. And I think people are numb to that L.. The president trump himself you might say keenly aware of his legacy here and as of this morning he seeks to become the first president ever re elected after being impeached. All because of a phone call in July and a two hundred thirty to one ninety seven. Vote last night Terry Moran outside the Capitol Title. Thank you thanks Brad so here. We are as you heard from Kate. Sean and others throughout a lot of development still to come here but the I-WORD we've been talking about for mud. That tie were now very much a reality. The president has been impeached. Much much more to come on this throughout the day on. ABC News Dot Com or the ABC News App. I'm Brad Milkey Tomorrow.

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