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They're having a conversation and they're engaging and that is you know what these were about to begin with to do you have to be on every social platform no because that is a fulltime job for somebody freight and even then i manage their platforms i can only do so many at a time use seeking that it's not the ten minutes no it's not you can have it take a less time of your life but you have to strategically you know don't be on every platform beyond the ones where your target audience separately to correct when you mention now facebook i was watching tv last night because i still watch tv had there was the commercial facebook that i actually loved i have seen it and they're trying to get to bring the trust back of everyone on like a little story on how they begun and how they're bringing everything back i loved it i completely when i first saw it i was like oh they're marketing npr teams just hit that out of the park because it was the whole type was about engaging with one another and staying with one another thing in touch right brand you haven't seen in ten years but you still know that they just had to kids in the past five years like that's great faith gave us that avenue and they're trying to get back to that and they did a great job of what is now considered crisis management because it it became a crisis management based on the actual facts and fake media so how'd you overcome that right and i guarantee they had a crisis you know communication plan in place this definitely went a little bit further and maybe they didn't handle things in the wave and other pr professionals would but they're cleaning up the mess that they have to their their buttoning up the data privacy issues and the way that people share but no matter what their privacy policies are the easiest way to make people happy and i kind of remind people this everywhere just because you have a platform to share something i mean you have.

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