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The musical genius of Charles Manson we're here with I for Davis who wrote the book Manson exposed to reporters fifty year journey into Madison murder welcome back to the show did Manson I I by Google some of his music it's it's pretty horrible is it not the greatest I mean you read you baby you describe him as a musical genius and I I think there was a lady since the annual voice dripping in the musical genius and in fact he would love to be in a musical genius he would love to be the rocks down because the being a rock star I honestly believe you and I would not be talking today about the east they fell by the wayside even though he had great connections with Dennis Wilson of the beach boys and Terry Melcher the son of Doris Day you wanted that one time to record him for a possible recording contract that mansion didn't quite have it interesting that people really kind of talk to him he must've they must've been something about his music because I I couldn't find it that I but of course I'm not a musical expert and it just seemed pretty pretty bad yeah it was it was kind of average doubtful though you know it's a funny business the musical business as you probably know because Neil Young there was a pretty good did musician himself at one time so it in the early days when he when he saw Charlie thirty was kind of a but given that Bob Dylan in the making yeah he was not of course he was a killer in the making right we do you know the followers are the are the interesting part can you tell us a little bit about the followers and in particular the dissident squeaky from which name probably as is one that listeners would remember most because she went on to try to assassinate president Gerald Ford can you tell our listeners who these women were who went to jail and what happened to them eventually the foam and sounded good came for pretty good homes I mean.

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