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Something's only available own APP right Oh to to a lesser extent kind of <hes> IPAD computer. Yeah I feel like it's is very much like a truck mentality and yes. It would be nice if we could live in a world where everything was free evaded the went out support it but you know it's just it's just not going to happen. You already see everybody I was doing it. It's not like apples leading the white hair and I don't think they care if you know the the the ten percent sliced attack costs to get annoyed that that doing stuff you know that deviates from a kind of info standard anyway like the four itself isn't even like a straight road from anyone really kind of like hi together in a in a sense and now now. Let's the de facto way it happens but apple controls the directory for the most people who access anyway right like technically the the way that you were meant to publish a pool cost in the O._J.'s would you'd have the R._S._S. feed on your website and someone go and find the ourselves feed and not in you know that was clearly on unfathomable unrealistic and so I did like directory and it became the leading directory and now that's what we pull ups feet from so you know this stuff changes over time constantly and I I wouldn't get hung up on that kind of thing yeah. The thing is in with apple investing your money and podcast. It's probably going to be the sort of super produced very mainstream cereal type. Maybe this American life type <hes> podcast in not the kind of hobbyists. Even even you know that that hopefully we're more professional than someone starting brand new for the first time <hes> and maybe like a lot of tech podcast goes into tech people can be good audio <hes> <hes> but but we're still kinda like amateur level where it's not you wouldn't hear it broadcast on the radio or on T._v...

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