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We are working in india albums in an gorgeous it's got the kiss logo on it has only plays gives me is that it doesn't i know it is chicago's but yeah but but all i had to do is make a fool myself at a time during a timeout in the third quarter and it was totally worth it i got a new tv i'm i'm a little mad for your sake that you didn't get i lagging ever made a member you got call it the knicks game this is seventy white said are no ninety seven ninety seven i went to next game with my then girlfriend now wife amy and she had gotten he tickets and we were sitting up there in somebody came up with a clip moved to different seats to a seat like actually behind where we were supposed to say because it would there were open seats up there next '98 okay and madison square garden actually like the next back then because we didn't go up with an nba team so i'm like i'll take on the next larry johnson allan houston this camby latrell sprewell hasn't choked anybody recently antiimf until that one time and then you want to shoot shoot on the court like at halftime and i was like oh my god yes totally so they bring me down there and i go down and i had to shoot three free throws for one point a peace to three point couch reporters were two points apiece and to nba 3pointers worth three points bees if i total seven points i get to shoot at half court for seventy seven thousand seven hundred seventy seven dollars so much stuff to do so as i have to do as a lot of stuff to do ourselves let us votes so i get up there and i mean i'm down there and everybody's at the game like woody allen's at the game kevin bacon that the game all these people likely either game so i go down to shoot first shot i mean i'm nervous and because it's the it there's a glass backboard it seems much closer and you're looking at all the people behind the glide or do you can understand how distracting you must be for professionals to.

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