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Of I specifically remember I was working in Ruby Tuesday had just moved to Tampa when we found out that Jon Gruden was going to be fired by the Bucks, and then that began A A syriza of coaches in a series of choices and pretty much a phase of Tampa Bay Buccaneer history. That was terrible. It started with Raheem Morris. We had the Greg Xiang knows we had the Lovey Smith. We had the dirt cutters, the Josh Freeman's The Mike Glennon, the Jamis Winston. It's been a rough, rough rough decade. For the Bucks, and I'll beat it comes at the hand of the go. I am very happy for this city and for the buck fan, and, um, you know, out there who have been waiting for a glimmer of hope for a long time for those of you. Who have been Buccaneers fans since the 19 seventies. Congratulations. You deserve this. More than anybody. I know in the market. I was not Initially a buck's fan when we moved to Florida and 78 I started trying to root for the bucks, and it did not take because they were not good. Doug Williams was their quarterback. Ricky Bell was the back and I remember rooting for the Patriots, but being like, you know, I'm here in town. I might as well pull for the bucks. Well, it didn't take and then in recent years, it didn't take because As much of a fan I am of Tom Brady. Well, I'd say diminished by that by 50%. And that's the amount of disregard that I have for James Winston as a quarterback, and it was really tough, if not impossible. To root for that team with him under center. Those of you who did those of you who stuck it out. Hey, Congrats. You. You earned this. And and I'm so happy that now this city in this area Gets to see the goat the greatest of all time, not just in football, but in any sport. He in my opinion with what he did had Michael Jordan Onto the NBA title with Washington Wizards when he came back, all fat and lazy, Uh, that might be a different story. What Tom Brady has done in my opinion, goat. All sports. It's interesting because in this world of sports that we live in now it's all about the hot take. And it's all about, you know, debating like in basketball. People love to talk about the LeBron Jordan comparison. It's an interesting dynamic now with Brady because You can try and you can have some fun with debating anybody. But the argument is over. I mean this guy now being able to leave his team where he's made his legacy. And in the first year make it to the Super Bowl in in a new team with a new team that hasn't been there and so long like you, just it's undeniable what this guy can do, and it's more Seemingly a lot more than what he actually even does on the field. Incredible. He leads he inspires. He plays with so much fiery passion. And at the same time manages to be one of the best looking man on the planet. Let let's not forget that this is unbelievable. What a great day for Tampa Bay. We'll talk to Mayor Jane Castor of the city of Tampa. To talk about stuff related to Champa Bai. I mean, just look and you can't credit all Tom Brady because the lightning, I guess did their part and so did the Rays of getting to their championships. But Tom deserves most of the credit for them getting there in the first place. Yeah, it's tough, because I mean watching these gay the one last night. Where were the defense was huge, and the defense stepped up when the offense wasn't so it's hard to say that's on Tom Brady. But but I also believe that he instilled something. In this team. And when you've got somebody like that, that you know has been there so often and knows the path so well. I think it changes the entire dynamic of your locker room and you can do things and you start thinking of things as true realities rather than just hopes and dreams. When Bill Belichick and Tom Brady won so many Super Bowls together, six of them which is unprecedented. I mean, my God, man. They? They likely credited Belichick with most of that, and I'm not here to say that they were wrong. The man is a master mind when it comes to devising plays. On the football field. But look what Tom Brady did with this team this year, coming here to lead his team to the Super Bowl. It was a perfect this season. Hell, no. Is he perfect last night? Hell, no man, scary at times, but him going back to Chris Godwin after Godwin had a drop for a 50 plus yard completion. And him going from Oh, my jackets on time to go into halftime with a pint to Hey, Tom, Get that jacket off. Go in there and throw a bomb to Scotty Miller, who's going to get behind that King Dude who got roasted many times yesterday. What? What a game. What a moment and we're here to soak in it with you. I said it last night on Twitter, and I meant it from a not counting wrestling because people wanted to poke the semi. That was the greatest sports moment I've ever been a part of having having spent the early portion of my life watching the Lions. I've been in Florida now for 15 years and Megabucks fan for all of them like that was I've never really rooted truly for a winning team outside of the lightning over the past couple years and Toby with a team and see the ups and downs and have it play out like that, and it's gonna all end here in Tampa for the Super Bowl. It's It's it's It's unbelievable. It really doesn't quite feel real yet. No, it really doesn't. I think it will feel real when we see a lot of very socially distanced safe Super Bowl parties happening next. Oh, man, I'm trying not to let that bother me. But that does that does suck like if we were in the real world in the normal world here on we were in and things could be like they were It would be even cooler. But maybe if things were like they were another team would have won the NFC. Maybe, but I doubt it now with Tom Radio Center. The video of him and grant reliving their their bad boy for life strut. And a lot of other stuff that we noticed last night that will talk about throughout the show. By the way, his name is John sending I'm drug Robbo and together we're John Andrew. In the afternoons, a k a drug robb alive And we'd love to hear from you today at 7 to 75791025. I'd venture a guess to say. You might be is scatterbrain and just Running on fumes like we are. I was asleep by 8 45 last night. I just It took so much out of me watching that game. I did not sleep well Friday night in preparation for it. And Saturday I was out of town and got to get up and drive across the state early in the morning. So by the time the game was over, I was right there with you. I wanted to know who was gonna win. But after a little bit of drama early on it, it appeared as if the Chiefs were headed. So I was in the same boat. It was a very I would call it a twilight condition that I was in during that game with in and out of consciousness for sure. And eventually, I'm like, Do I really need to find out if the bills or Chiefs win that battle? No, I'm gonna go to sleep. I woke about 2 30 couldn't get back to global live. Hi. Who.

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